Victorian Radiators

Posted: Friday, July 7, 2023

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The Trads range of Victorian Radiators is one of their most popular styles. These classic models add a historical, elegant charm to any space. Their versatility makes them suitable for any type of property, from period homes to modern, industrial buildings.

victorian radiators

About Victorian Radiators 

Every year, Trads sell over 4000 of this style of radiator and in learning about them you can understand why they are such a success.

Their History

Victorian radiators like these were first produced in America in the 1880s. Initially, it was only the wealthy who could afford such luxury items, however, the industrial revolution led to lower manufacturing costs, allowing many households to enjoy these radiators. Trads base their models on these authentic, early designs but combine this with modernised manufacturing, which ensures hardiness and efficiency. 

Creating These Models

Whilst their manufacturing process is similar to that of the original craftsmen, Trads incorporate computer technology in order to achieve the best results. CAD designs are transferred to a mould via CNC cutting machines that are then pressed into a sandbox. The sandbox is then filled with iron ore and left to cool and solidify, creating a radiator section. 

Once the sections are produced, the Victorian radiators are fettled and prepared for assembly. Here, Trads join sections together with connectors and graphite gaskets. When designing your radiator, you have the freedom to choose how many sections are included, which determines the length of your model and how many BTUs it produces. You can select anywhere between three and 30 sections.

BTUs (British Thermal Units) are the unit of measurement of heat per hour. When creating your radiator, you should ensure that this heat output is high enough to warm a room effectively. Larger rooms or those with higher ceilings will need more, while other factors such as the room type (kitchen, bedroom etc…), whether there is double glazing, if you have French windows and if the room is North facing should also be considered. Helpfully, there is a FREE BTU calculator available on the Trads website here.

Trads’ Victorian Radiator Models

Trads Victorian radiators come in a number of different shapes and sizes. You should select yours based on the layout and shape of your room and how many BTUs are required. This previous blog offers some helpful advice.

Victorian 2 Column - A narrow model, ideal for heating hallways, measuring 615mm in height.

Victorian 3 Column - Being broader than the 2 column and measuring 735mm in height, this model will produce more heat, but is still suitable for hallways or smaller rooms.

Victorian 4 Column - This is one of the most popular models, perhaps due to its versatility as it is available in five different heights - 325mm, 460mm, 660mm, 760mm and 810mm.

Victorian 6 Column - A good option for large spaces, this model has a particularly high heat output and is available in 365mm, 625mm, 740mm and 920mm options.

Victorian 9 Column - An excellent solution for heating rooms with bay windows. Standing at just 330mm tall, this radiator can fit in a small space but, due to the large number of columns, it provides excellent heat output.  

Purchase Your Victorian Radiators

All of Trads’ Cast Iron Radiators come with a lifetime guarantee and FREE UK Mainland kerbside delivery (on orders exceeding £449 inc. VAT). They are available in over 10,000 different colour and finish options, which you can explore via the website

Whether designing your own or choosing from their ready-made range, you can always call their friendly staff on 01400 263320 for expert advice.

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