Steel Column Radiators

Steel radiators are some of the most popular types of radiator in UK homes, providing excellent and efficient heating. Whether you own a period property or just want to add a touch of the traditional, our range of steel column radiators will look right at home.

These traditional radiators will give you the best of both worlds, combining stunning Victorian-era aesthetics with modern engineering and build quality. Our steel radiators are available in different sizes, colours and the more modern vertical style for a real statement.

Steel column radiators produce an excellent heat output for their size, which can range from 10 to 26 sections. They will also retain their heat for longer than other radiator types.

Steel radiators at Trads can come with different numbers of columns, so once you’ve calculated the heat output you need for a room with our BTU calculator, you can find the perfectly sized radiator size for your home.

What are steel column radiators?

If you’re looking to add or to retain period charm in your home, a column radiator with a traditional feel is well worth considering.

Similar in style to our cast-iron radiators, these more modern models keep the "column look" but can provide more heat efficiency than their predecessors. Column radiators are functional and efficient, suitable for tank-fed and combination boilers.

Available in stunning styles, our steel column radiators can be finished in crisp white, dark anthracite and even red or blue, so you can match your decor with ease. Plus, the low-carbon steel used in our products ensures they are durable and long-lasting.

How much do steel radiators cost?

Steel radiators, at Trads, can cost from £150 up to £500, depending on the size, style and number of columns in the radiator.

How many columns are in a radiator?

Column radiators are made from tubes arranged in rows that connect at the top and bottom to form a single section. This often marks them out as more traditional in design and what comes to mind for a Victorian radiator.

At Trads, our column radiators can include two, three or four columns, depending on the style you choose. You do need to be aware that the more columns, the greater the depth or profile of the radiator.

Are steel radiators efficient?

Steel column radiators are extremely efficient. Don’t think that just because they are designed to look like period styles that they lack 21st-century engineering.

We use low-carbon steel to ensure they are durable and long-lasting. Steel column radiators are the perfect meeting of period design and modern heating.

What are vertical steel radiators?

Vertical steel radiators are, as the name suggests, vertically-hung radiators that are an excellent choice if you have limited wall space available. They are a type of column radiator that’s built using low-carbon steel for added durability and strength.

Not only does their height help to emit more heat more quickly, but they make a real statement, no matter in which room you put them. You could, and perhaps should, consider them a design piece all on their own because the eye is drawn to them so easily.

Vertical radiators are available in a range of colours and styles which fit into limited wall spaces and make a creative alternative to more traditional long designs. In a smaller room, these take up less space, leaving room for more fixtures and furnishings.

Vertical column radiators can be a piece of statement decor, especially if you choose a bold design to break up the traditional texture of the wall. At Trads, our steel column radiators are available in a range of colours, including shades of red, blue, green, yellow, and much more. Chances are, if you can think of it, you can have a radiator painted in it.