Cast Iron Radiator Valves

Radiator valves help to control the amount of hot water that enters or leaves your radiator, allowing you to control the temperature of a room. Trads has a diverse range of valves for your cast iron radiator that can be added as part of a package or ordered separately as a replacement. 

Whether you’re looking for a straightforward manual option or a thermostatic valve that automatically adjusts heat output to maintain your desired temperature, you can be sure that our entire range is manufactured to the highest standards. With various designs and metal finishes, including copper, brass, chrome and nickel, you’ll find a model suited to every style of radiator and décor.


Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Manual Radiator Valves

What Are Radiator Valves?

At the bottom of your radiator, you’ll see two valves. Just as a tap allows you to control water flow, radiator valves enable you to control heat output. One controls the amount of hot water that enters or leaves the main radiator body; the other, known as a ‘lockshield valve’, balances the system by controlling how much water flows out of your radiator and back into the pipework, or remains inside. 

The lockshield valve is usually fixed in place to prevent you from turning it and changing its setting. It is sometimes covered with a cap.

What Types Of Radiator Valves Are There?

There are two main types of valves - thermostatic and manual. 

Manual Valves 

Generally smaller than thermostatic alternatives, these traditional controls allow you to manually regulate the flow of hot water from your boiler to the radiator. If you wish to increase the temperature of a room, turning the device to a higher setting allows a greater volume of hot water to enter the radiator. Once the room has warmed, you will need to turn the valve down to a cooler setting yourself to avoid wasting unnecessary energy and money.  

Thermostatic Valves

Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) come equipped with a built-in thermostat that senses the room temperature and automatically adjusts the flow of hot water to the radiator. Like manual valves, you are required to set the valve to the required temperature, however, once set, the radiator will manage itself. 

Once the room reaches the set temperature, the valve will automatically stop the flow of hot water and prevent the room from becoming any warmer. This enhances comfort and contributes to energy efficiency, as well as saving you the job of remembering to turn off the valve!

Smart Valves

Trads’ cast iron radiators can also integrate smart valves from popular brands like Hive and Nest. When selecting a smart valve, ensure that both the head and body come with a 1/2" BSP fitting to guarantee a perfect fit. 

What Are Angled And Corner Radiator Valves?

Selecting between angled and corner valves depends on where your pipework is located. As their name suggests, angled valves connect a radiator to your central heating at an angle (usually 90°). They are used if your pipework comes through the floor and their neat finish conceals the pipes. Corner valves connect pipework that comes out of a wall to the radiator inlets. Our team are happy to give you guidance regarding the type of valves you need for your radiator.  



How much do valves cost?

The cost for both thermostatic and manual valves is similar. Our models range from around £70 - £115 depending on the type, material and style you prefer. 

Do you sell smart valves?

Although we do not sell smart valves, our cast iron radiator range is compatible with popular brands, including Hive and Nest.

Are radiator valves included in the price when you buy a radiator? 

Thermostatic and manual valves are priced separately, however, control valves and lockshields are sold as a pair. These will be added to the cost of your new radiator. 

How do I know whether to purchase angled or corner valves?

This depends on the radiator design and the location of your pipework. If you are unsure, we recommend consulting a plumber before purchasing your valves.