Kingsgrove 15mm Inlet Lacquered TRV (Brass)

Each radiator/towel rail requires one valve set as illustrated and priced here.

A thermostatic valve is self-regulating, and controls the temperature of the radiator/towel rail by changing the amount, or flow, of hot water in to the radiator/towel rail. The second type of valve is a manual valve. Simply put, the user rotates or twists the valve to increase or decrease the amount of hot water coming in to the radiator/towel rail.

An alternative product you may also be interested in would be our Kingsgrove Thermostatic Antique Brass Valve.

Kingsgrove Radiator Valve Brass

Kingsgrove Radiator Valve Brass

1/2 inch
Solid Wood
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kingsgrove thermostatic valve measurements

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