Cast Iron Radiator Wall Stays

When buying a cast iron radiator, you need to remember a vital part of the package, radiator wall stays. Wall stays, quite literally, will make sure that your new radiator stays on the wall. Cast iron radiator wall stays at Trads come in a range of styles to match your stunning new radiator.

Each radiator requires at least one wall stay to safely hold it to the wall, and they are straightforward to fit as a DIY job. At Trads, our radiator wall stays are available in brass, chrome and stainless steel, ensuring they match our cast iron radiators.

What are radiator wall stays?

Essentially, radiator wall stays - sometimes known as cast iron radiator brackets, keep a radiator secure against the wall. They prevent a radiator from falling forward if pulled, for example. They can also act as a protector to your pipe work.

What are the types of radiator wall stay?

For cast iron radiator wall stays, there are two types - front and rear-mounted.

Front-mounted radiator wall stays are visible from the front of your cast iron radiator. These are ideal if you would like to make a feature of your wall stay, matching or complimenting the radiator finish. This type is much more appealing if the wall stay is decorative in design.

Rear-mounted wall stays are fitted from the back of the radiator and are not visible from the front, being much more discreet. They provide a clean look and should be fitted near the top of the radiator for maximum strength, to grab the back section of the radiator and secure it.

How many wall stays per radiator?

The standard rule you should stick to is that each radiator requires at least one wall stay to safely hold it to the wall. Radiators with more than 10 sections - the vertical parts of a radiator - will need at least 2 wall stays.

How much do radiator wall stays cost?

Wall stays can cost a small amount but may be more depending on design and material. At Trads, our cast iron radiator wall stays range in cost from around £7 - £25. This is dependent on the size of the wall stay, the longest being 300mm, and the material used, brass being the most expensive.

How to fit a radiator wall stay

Installing a radiator wall stay is a fairly straightforward DIY job. To complete it, you’ll need:

  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Wall plug
  • Wall Stay parts:
    • Wall plate
    • Threaded coupler
    • Thread clamping plate
    • Running clamping plate
    • Washer
    • Nut
    • Threaded bar

Tip: When fitting radiator wall stays, ensure they are installed centrally and near the top of the radiator - this will give them maximum strength and stability.

The Process

  1. Position the wall stay between the central two sections, at three quarters the height of the radiator.
  2. Drill a hole for the stay into the wall.
  3. Screw the wall plate into the wall. Remember to choose a wall plug and screw that’s suitable for your walls.
  4. Then, attach the threaded coupler to the wall plate - this is where the bar will go in.
  5. Place your radiator in front of the wall stay and measure the distance from the wall to the front of the radiator.
  6. Screw the threaded bar into the threaded coupler with the thread clamping plate on it. This plate will go at the back of the radiator, standing vertically against it.
  7. Position the running clamping plate at the front end of the radiator and secure it on the threaded bar.
  8. Then, attach the washer followed by the nut onto the threaded bar. Tighten them until the running clamp plate is secure against the radiator.

It’s possible that your threaded bar may be too long, so be prepared to cut it to size.