How to Choose your Radiators’ Style: a Guide by Trads - Part 1

Posted: Thursday, January 23, 2020

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Narrow Eton cast iron radiator in parchment white

Choosing a radiator can be a daunting task, with quite a few considerations and perhaps even some restrictions to take into account. Here at Trads, we pride ourselves on the aesthetic of our radiators and want to make sure you find the perfect fit for you. 

This means that there are lots of options to consider. To help you out, we have put together an easy-to-follow guide on how to choose the right radiator for you. 

Where To Begin

The first consideration is all down to style and design.

Our differences are what define us, our personalities, taste and style make us unique, and we believe that this should be reflected in your home.

The right radiators can perfectly finish a room, accenting your carefully chosen furniture and colour scheme. They can also be standalone features - not just practical necessities, but welcome visual additions to any environment. 

We have a fantastic range of styles and designs for you to choose from and though it does very often boil down to personal taste, let’s explore the possibilities.

Designs Inspired By Nature

If you like your radiator to have a flourish or to incorporate patterns inspired by nature, then choose from the more classic and very often highly decorative designs first seen throughout France and Western Europe, in what we know as the late Victorian period. This style can be found in the Rococo, The Daisy, The Ribbon and The Antoinette.

Clean, Crisp Lines

If you prefer crisp lines and less lavish decoration, then take a trip back to The Roaring Twenties. Largely present in American radiators, such as those produced by radiator juggernaut The American Radiator Company, and exhibiting Art Deco designs, the straight lines that typify this era can be found in The Deco, The Tuscany and The Narrow Eton.

Classic Victorian

Taking the vintage design elements of our nature-inspired radiators, but with cleaner, less decorative lines, our classic Victorian radiators fit somewhere in between the two. Pick from those with lower heights or our taller models, depending on where you plan to position the radiator and your style preference, of course. 


Have you chosen what you like? Great, we'll talk more about what to do next in the second part of the blog. Stay tuned! 

Remember, if you have any questions so far, you can always contact us on 01400 263320 or email

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