Narrow Eton cast iron radiator painted in parchment white

Narrow Eton cast iron radiator painted in parchment white

Narrow Eton Cast Iron Radiator

The design is a narrow version of our classic Eton radiators. Modest, consisting of straight edges and a curved top. Naturally elegant - a high quality classically designed cast iron radiator with integral legs.

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All our cast iron radiators come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Available in 1 heights: 765mm

From £133.50 (£44.50 per section)

  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Narrow Profile
  • FREE UK Mainland Delivery*
  • Over 10,000 Colour Options
  • Specialist Finishes Available

*On orders over £300 inc. VAT

narrow eton radiator measurements

* per cast iron radiator section.

765 80 630 100 50 173 51 90 26 4.7kg

To calculate the British Thermal Units (BTU's) required to heat your room please use our Heat Output (BTU) Calculator

Our radiators are available in any desired colour or finish. Our specialised artisan finishes are as follows:

  • 68-5-end.jpg Hand Burnished
  • 68-5-end.jpg Satin Polished

Other specialised Trads colours and finishes are shown below. Swatches are available for these 12 colours

  • 68-1-end.jpg Ancient Breeze
  • 68-2-end.jpg Buttermilk
  • 68-3-end.jpg Foundry Grey
  • 68-4-end.jpg French Grey
  • 68-6-end.jpg Graphite Grey
  • 68-7-end.jpg Hammered Bronze
  • 68-8-end.jpg Hammered Gold
  • 68-9-end.jpg Parchment White
  • 68-10-end.jpg Primer
  • 68-11-end.jpg Satin Black
  • 68-12-end.jpg Vellum
  • 68-14-end.jpg Willow Green

Any other colour is available, for example all Farrow & Ball shades and all other recognised brands.

With our onsite paint and spray shop facilities, we can finish any radiator from a choice of over 10,000 colours and offer an expert colour matching service to attain even greater levels of customisation.

Please note that colours can vary from printed brochures and those shown on websites, we recommend a free colour swatch prior to purchase. Please contact us with your swatch request.


Narrow Eton Radiator Sizing & Metrics

Height Width
(inc. bushes)
(from wall)
(ΔT 50°)
Price From
(inc. VAT in Primer)
Buy Radiator
765mm 184mm 80mm 519 £133.50
765mm 234mm 80mm 692 £178.00
765mm 284mm 80mm 865 £222.50
765mm 334mm 80mm 1038 £267.00
765mm 384mm 80mm 1211 £311.50
765mm 434mm 80mm 1384 £356.00
765mm 484mm 80mm 1557 £400.50
765mm 534mm 80mm 1730 £445.00
765mm 584mm 80mm 1903 £489.50
765mm 634mm 80mm 2076 £534.00
765mm 684mm 80mm 2249 £578.50
765mm 734mm 80mm 2422 £623.00
765mm 784mm 80mm 2595 £667.50
765mm 834mm 80mm 2768 £712.00
765mm 884mm 80mm 2941 £756.50
765mm 934mm 80mm 3114 £801.00
765mm 984mm 80mm 3287 £845.50
765mm 1034mm 80mm 3460 £890.00
765mm 1084mm 80mm 3633 £934.50
765mm 1134mm 80mm 3806 £979.00
765mm 1184mm 80mm 3979 £1023.50
765mm 1234mm 80mm 4152 £1068.00
765mm 1284mm 80mm 4325 £1112.50
765mm 1334mm 80mm 4498 £1157.00
765mm 1384mm 80mm 4671 £1201.50
765mm 1434mm 80mm 4844 £1246.00
765mm 1484mm 80mm 5017 £1290.50
765mm 1534mm 80mm 5190 £1335.00

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At Trads Cast Iron Radiators we encapsulate the beauty of bygone eras in our radiators, so you can welcome the warmth of nostalgia into your home. Each of our Cast Iron Radiators is made in the time-honoured method, by pouring hot Iron Ore into CNC sand moulds. As well as being beautiful and durable, all of our Cast Iron Radiators have excellent heat-retaining properties as cast iron is a dense metal with a high thermal mass.    

The slim Narrow Eton Cast Iron Radiator has a simple charm. At just 80mm in depth, it’s the narrowest Cast Iron Radiator that Trads Cast Iron Radiators have, making it an ideal choice for a space such as a corridor or a hallway, or any place in your home where you need to make the most of the available space. 

With its simple underrated elegance, it’s a radiator that is fitting for both Period and modern homes. Its slightly bowed legs add to this radiator's charm.  

The Narrow Eton Cast Iron Radiator is available in any desired colour or finish, to either fit in with your current décor, or to stand out as a centrepiece in your room. 

We offer a colour match service along with an additional range of metallic finishes from Roberson Liquid Metal

For example, the Satin Polished finish results in a slightly less polished surface, giving the appearance of an aged patina.  

Like all Trads Cast Iron Radiators, the Narrow Eton Cast Iron Radiator is hand assembled and finished in Lincolnshire by our master craftsmen, who use traditional techniques and the highest quality materials. Through this, we can offer you beautiful timeless radiators that also operate to the best efficiency, while also lasting for many years to come.

We build our Cast Iron Radiators to last here at Trads Cast Iron Radiators, which is why you’ll be pleased to know that they all carry a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. FREE delivery is also available to addresses on the UK Mainland (T&Cs Apply.)

We believe our Cast Iron Radiators to be of the highest quality, and that our customer service is excellent throughout the entirety of your buying journey. What do our customers say?

‘Ordered radiators for my entire house. Choice was great, ordering was straightforward and delivery swift. Radiators are gorgeous. Fantastic quality. Would highly recommend this company for all aspects from the range of radiators to customer service.’

Ruth R, Trustpilot

If you have any questions about our Narrow Eton Cast Iron Radiator, our friendly, expert sales team will be happy to help. You can contact them on 01400 263309 or via our contact form.