Daisy cast iron radiator in antique French grey finish

Daisy cast iron radiator in antique French grey finish

Daisy Cast Iron Radiator

Our Daisy cast iron radiator is classically styled and elegant in design.

The Daisy radiator looks perfect in a traditional setting, like under windows and in conservatories, and equally as characteristic when bringing old and new together in a contemporary room.

An alternative product you may also be interested in would be our Antoinette Cast Iron Radiator.

All our cast iron radiators come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Available in 2 heights: 595mm, 780mm

From £142.50 (£47.50 per section)

  • Specialist Finishes Available
  • FREE UK Mainland Delivery*
  • Available In 2 Heights
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Over 10,000 Colour Options

*On orders over £300 inc. VAT

daisy radiator measurements

* per cast iron radiator section.

595 175 400 110 66 270 79 145 42 8.6kg
780 175 600 95 66 362 106 190 56 11.3kg

To calculate the British Thermal Units (BTU's) required to heat your room please use our Heat Output (BTU) Calculator

Our radiators are available in any desired colour or finish. Our specialised artisan finishes are as follows:

  • 8-14-end.jpg Antiqued French Grey
  • 8-5-end.jpg Hand Burnished
  • 8-15-end.jpg Highlight Polish
  • 8-5-end.jpg Satin Polished

Other specialised Trads colours and finishes are shown below. Swatches are available for these 12 colours

  • 8-1-end.jpg Ancient Breeze
  • 8-2-end.jpg Buttermilk
  • 8-3-end.jpg Foundry Grey
  • 8-4-end.jpg French Grey
  • 8-6-end.jpg Graphite Grey
  • 8-7-end.jpg Hammered Bronze
  • 8-8-end.jpg Hammered Gold
  • 8-9-end.jpg Parchment White
  • 8-10-end.jpg Primer
  • 8-11-end.jpg Satin Black
  • 8-12-end.jpg Vellum
  • 8-13-end.jpg Willow Green

Any other colour is available, for example all Farrow & Ball shades and all other recognised brands.

With our onsite paint and spray shop facilities, we can finish any radiator from a choice of over 10,000 colours and offer an expert colour matching service to attain even greater levels of customisation.

Please note that colours can vary from printed brochures and those shown on websites, we recommend a free colour swatch prior to purchase. Please contact us with your swatch request.


Daisy Radiator Range Information Table

Height Width
(inc. bushes)
(from wall)
(ΔT 50°)
Price From
(inc. VAT in Primer)
Buy Radiator
595mm 232mm 175mm 810 £142.50
595mm 298mm 175mm 1080 £190.00
595mm 364mm 175mm 1350 £237.50
595mm 430mm 175mm 1620 £285.00
595mm 496mm 175mm 1890 £332.50
595mm 562mm 175mm 2160 £380.00
595mm 628mm 175mm 2430 £427.50
595mm 694mm 175mm 2700 £475.00
595mm 760mm 175mm 2970 £522.50
595mm 826mm 175mm 3240 £570.00
595mm 892mm 175mm 3510 £617.50
595mm 958mm 175mm 3780 £665.00
595mm 1024mm 175mm 4050 £712.50
595mm 1090mm 175mm 4320 £760.00
595mm 1156mm 175mm 4590 £807.50
595mm 1222mm 175mm 4860 £855.00
595mm 1288mm 175mm 5130 £902.50
595mm 1354mm 175mm 5400 £950.00
595mm 1420mm 175mm 5670 £997.50
595mm 1486mm 175mm 5940 £1045.00
595mm 1552mm 175mm 6210 £1092.50
595mm 1618mm 175mm 6480 £1140.00
595mm 1684mm 175mm 6750 £1187.50
595mm 1750mm 175mm 7020 £1235.00
595mm 1816mm 175mm 7290 £1282.50
595mm 1882mm 175mm 7560 £1330.00
595mm 1948mm 175mm 7830 £1377.50
595mm 2014mm 175mm 8100 £1425.00
Height Width
(inc. bushes)
(from wall)
(ΔT 50°)
Price From
(inc. VAT in Primer)
Buy Radiator
780mm 232mm 175mm 1086 £189.00
780mm 298mm 175mm 1448 £252.00
780mm 364mm 175mm 1810 £315.00
780mm 430mm 175mm 2172 £378.00
780mm 496mm 175mm 2534 £441.00
780mm 562mm 175mm 2896 £504.00
780mm 628mm 175mm 3258 £567.00
780mm 694mm 175mm 3620 £630.00
780mm 760mm 175mm 3982 £693.00
780mm 826mm 175mm 4344 £756.00
780mm 892mm 175mm 4706 £819.00
780mm 958mm 175mm 5068 £882.00
780mm 1024mm 175mm 5430 £945.00
780mm 1090mm 175mm 5792 £1008.00
780mm 1156mm 175mm 6154 £1071.00
780mm 1222mm 175mm 6516 £1134.00
780mm 1288mm 175mm 6878 £1197.00
780mm 1354mm 175mm 7240 £1260.00
780mm 1420mm 175mm 7602 £1323.00
780mm 1486mm 175mm 7964 £1386.00
780mm 1552mm 175mm 8326 £1449.00
780mm 1618mm 175mm 8688 £1512.00
780mm 1684mm 175mm 9050 £1575.00
780mm 1750mm 175mm 9412 £1638.00
780mm 1816mm 175mm 9774 £1701.00
780mm 1882mm 175mm 10136 £1764.00
780mm 1948mm 175mm 10498 £1827.00
780mm 2014mm 175mm 10860 £1890.00

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The Daisy cast iron radiator is a perfect example of how the industrial revolution transformed cast iron radiators from a luxury of the wealthy to a relatively common household feature. The flowing curves, from crown to foot, combined with the intricate floral embellishment, embodies the Victorians’ passion for ornamentation. 

First produced in 1890s France, the Daisy cast iron radiator was originally designed for use with steam, however, whilst the classic design has remained, the system has evolved to be used with a hot water system. This illustrates how although engineering improves, the timeless elegance remains.

The Daisy cast iron radiator is available in two heights: 595mm and 780mm. You can easily determine the number of sections that you will need to heat any space by using our BTU calculator free of charge. 

Trads are delighted to boast 10,000 colour and finished options, including only the highest quality paint from the most esteemed suppliers, Farrow & Ball, Little Greene and Roberson Liquid Metal. These include our six bespoke finishes, Antiqued French Grey, Hand Burnished, Highlight Polish, Satin Polish, Vintage Copper, and Hand Burnished and Lacquered. For a model as intricate as the Daisy, many of our clients have found that the Highlight Polish exquisitely emphasises its stunning detail.

All of our products are created and assembled by master craftsmen. This, in addition to the calibre of cast iron that we use, ensures that your cast iron radiator is built to last. In recognition of our commitment to longevity, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all of our products.

Our customer service is second to none and we believe that our job is not complete until your new cast iron radiators have been safely delivered. Therefore, we offer complimentary UK delivery on all orders over £449 inc. VAT. 

Design your new heating solution today.