Choosing Kitchen Radiators

Posted: Friday, August 11, 2023

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home and ensuring that it is properly heated is vital. Without carpeting, often without curtains and having many cool surfaces and no soft furnishings can result in the kitchen remaining at a lower temperature, even when the rest of the property is at a comfortable one. The perfect way to prevent this is by installing kitchen radiators. 

kitchen radiators

Anthracite Radiators 

Trads’ Anthracite Radiators have gained significant popularity since their release, particularly for kitchen installation. The vertical models are ideal for this room as they save a considerable amount of wall space, which could otherwise be used for storage space or white goods. These models are a lightweight Steel option that come with a five-year warranty. Learn more about this range here.

Cast Iron Radiators

Customers who prefer a more traditional style may favour Trads’ Cast Iron Radiators, which come in Victorian, Contemporary and Decorative designs. These models are available in over 10,000 different colour and finish options using paint supplied by prestigious brands including Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Roberson Liquid Metal, Cromadex and Axalta. Should the customer already have a specific shade selected, Trads also offer a colour match service. When provided with a wet sample, Trads’ colour experts can mix an exact match.

Cast Iron is a material with a particularly high thermal mass, which makes it an excellent choice for a radiator. Thermal mass describes how well or poorly a material absorbs, retains and releases heat. Having a high thermal mass means that Cast Iron kitchen radiators will keep the space at a comfortable and constant temperature. Once the central heating is turned off, these radiators will actually continue to heat the space due to the residual heat that they still hold.

Kitchen Radiators Or Towel Rails?

Many Trads customers choose to install a towel rail in their kitchen instead of, or as well as, radiators. Although they are an alternative choice, our experts would suggest opting for a tall kitchen radiator to make use of limited wall space, such as the Rathmell 2 Column Cast Iron Radiator. Kitchens tend to be larger spaces, which means a radiator will be a much more efficient choice in terms of heat output.

Towel rails with a Cast Iron Radiator inserts remain excellent choices for other areas of the home, such as bathrooms and utility rooms. Trads have five styles available: 

Broughton Chrome Towel Rail

Broughton Copper Towel Rail

Welbourne Chrome Towel Rail

Wilsford Chrome Towel Rail

Wilsford Copper Towel Rail

Much like Trads’ Cast Iron Radiators, these inserts can be finished in any of Trads’ 10,000 colour and finish options, allowing the customer to match their model to their kitchen, or choose a contrasting style and colour to create a true statement piece.

Purchasing Kitchen Radiators 

Customers can design, select and purchase their kitchen radiators with ease on the Trads website, where the full Trads range can be explored. Alternatively, their products can be perused in their online brochure here or on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest

Should customers need any help or advice when making their purchase, they can get in touch by calling 01400 263320 or emailing

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