Broughton Copper Towel Rail - 965mm x 675mm

Dual Fuel Compatible

From £562.00

Each towel radiator requires a set of valves. We have a wide choice available.

All our steel towel radiators come with a 5 year guarantee.


broughton towel radiator sizes

*Delta 50

965mm 675mm 105mm 528mm 250mm 100mm 1900 557

Our towel radiator sections are available in any desired colour or finish. Our specialised artisan finishes are as follows:

  • broughton-copper-antiqued.jpg Antiqued French Grey

Other specialised Trads colours and finishes are shown below. Swatches are available for these 12 colours

  • broughton-copper-ancient-breeze.jpg Ancient Breeze
  • broughton-copper-buttermilk.jpg Buttermilk
  • broughton-copper-foundry-grey.jpg Foundry Grey
  • broughton-copper-french-grey.jpg French Grey
  • broughton-copper-graphite-grey.jpg Graphite Grey
  • broughton-copper-hammered-bronze.jpg Hammered Bronze
  • broughton-copper-hammered-gold.jpg Hammered Gold
  • broughton-copper-parchment-white.jpg Parchment White
  • broughton-copper-primer.jpg Primer
  • broughton-copper-satin-black.jpg Satin Black
  • broughton-copper-vellum.jpg Vellum
  • broughton-copper-willow-green.jpg Willow Green

radiator colours
Or why not choose one of the many designer colours available.

Order your swatches today.

Broughton Copper Towel Rail Vellum Painted Sections

Broughton Copper Towel Rail Vellum Painted Sections

The Broughton towel rail in copper finish.

Copper plated towel rails are supplied un-lacquered. You can leave the surface to naturally tarnish over a period of use/time, or maintain the finish using a metal polish. We would recommend Autosol metal polish as being a suitable product to achieve this.

An alternative product you may also be interested in would be our Colossus Horse Chrome.