Broughton Chrome Towel Rail - 965mm x 675mm

Dual Fuel Compatible

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Each towel radiator requires a set of valves. We have a wide choice available.

All our steel towel radiators come with a 5 year guarantee.


broughton towel radiator sizes

*Delta 50

965mm 675mm 105mm 528mm 250mm 100mm 1900 557

Our towel radiator sections are available in any desired colour or finish. Our specialised artisan finishes are as follows:

  • broughton-chrome-antiqued.jpg Antiqued French Grey
  • broughton-chrome-hand-burnished.jpg Hand Burnished
  • broughton-chrome-hand-burnished.jpg Satin Polished

Other specialised Trads colours and finishes are shown below. Swatches are available for these 12 colours

  • broughton-chrome-ancient-breeze.jpg Ancient Breeze
  • broughton-chrome-buttermilk.jpg Buttermilk
  • broughton-chrome-foundry-grey.jpg Foundry Grey
  • broughton-chrome-french-grey.jpg French Grey
  • broughton-chrome-graphite-grey.jpg Graphite Grey
  • broughton-chrome-hammered-bronze.jpg Hammered Bronze
  • broughton-chrome-hammered-gold.jpg Hammered Gold
  • broughton-chrome-parchment-white.jpg Parchment White
  • broughton-chrome-primer.jpg Primer
  • broughton-chrome-satin-black.jpg Satin Black
  • broughton-chrome-vellum.jpg Vellum
  • broughton-chrome-willow-green.jpg Willow Green

radiator colours
Or why not choose one of the many designer colours available.

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Broughton Chrome Towel Rail Hand Burnished Sections

Broughton Chrome Towel Rail Hand Burnished Sections

The Broughton Towel Radiator combines a heated steel towel rail with a Victorian 4 Column Cast Iron Radiator insert. The column describes the depth of the radiator, whereas the section determines its overall length. The Broughton Towel Radiator features six sections in the centre of the design. 

Having a radiator integral to the design means that this product has the dual benefits of heating your bathroom and offering space for a towel on the radiator or towel rail itself. The combination of a steel frame and a Cast Iron Radiator insert provides more heat output than a standalone radiator. Measuring 965mm x 675mm, its size makes it suitable for installation in both a main bathroom as well as a cloakroom toilet.

Colour And Finish Options

The Steel Towel Rail frame is available in Chrome and Copper. The Copper finish can be left to allow the surface to naturally tarnish and patina over a period of time, or the original finish can be maintained by using a metal polish.

The Victorian 4 Column Cast Iron Radiator part of the Broughton Towel Radiator is available in over 10,000 colours from leading paint brands like Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, RAL and Cromadex. In addition, Trads offers its unique ‘Trads Traditional Colours’. This range consists of thirteen colours, the lightest being Parchment White, the darkest being Satin Black. With our onsite paint and spray shop facilities, we can even paint the radiator element to any wet colour sample that you provide us with.

Trads also offer the option of specialised artisan finishes, which include Hand Burnished, Satin Polished, Highlight Polish, and Antiqued French Grey. (The latter two are available with or without an added lacquer finish.)

These finishes are performed by hand and they involve a high level of care and attention. Take, for example, the Hand Burnished. To create this look, the model undergoes a high degree of polishing using fine ceramic abrasives, after which it is then buffed to provide the polished appearance.

Dual Fuel Compatible

The Broughton Towel Radiator is dual-fuel compatible, meaning when connected to the central heating system it can also be used independently with the addition of an electric heating element (not supplied). This means the Heated Towel Radiator can be isolated to heat the desired area as opposed to the entire household. 

Quality Craftsmanship And Customer Service

We build our radiators to last, which is why all of our Steel Towel Radiators come with a 5-year guarantee. We also offer FREE Delivery to the UK Mainland on all orders over £300 (T&Cs Apply.)

Trads Cast Iron Radiators offer the highest level of customer service and expert guidance. We can help you find the perfect model to match your interior décor, choosing from our wide selection of quality radiators. 

Here’s some feedback from one of our many happy customers:

‘After living in our renovated house for a couple of winters we noticed one of the rooms had a cold spot, so we decided to add a small column radiator to match the two we had previously bought from We emailed to check our colour and style as we were unsure. The staff responded quickly with our original order and even sent a colour sample, so we were absolutely sure. We then ordered and after a few weeks took delivery of the matching radiator which has since been installed. Great service and a great product. Thanks.’

Rob L, 5-star review, Trustpilot.

If you have any questions about our Broughton Towel Radiator, our friendly Customer Service team is available to assist. You can contact them on 01400 263310 or by emailing