6 Advantages Of Buying From A Radiator Manufacturer

Posted: Thursday, February 8, 2024

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Trads manufactures high-quality cast iron radiators in their Lincolnshire-based factory. With over 10,000 colour and finish options available for a diverse range of models, the personalised direct-to-consumer approach has emerged as a compelling alternative to traditional retail channels. Dealing with a premium cast iron radiator manufacturer assures that purchases are not just a practical addition to interiors but a perfect fit in terms of style and size. From tailored customisation options to expert guidance and quality assurance, discover how a direct path to the source results in greater confidence in purchasing. 

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Why Buy Direct From The Radiator Manufacturer?

1. Customisation 

When buying from Trads, radiators can be painted and finished in over 10,000 different ways. Direct communication with the team allows specific design preferences, sizes and finishes to be confirmed, ensuring that the radiators meet exact requirements. 

2. Warranty 

Trads provides a lifetime guarantee with every cast iron radiator that leaves their factory. Made by experienced engineers using the highest-quality materials, the models are so well made that it’s unlikely the warranty will ever need to be used. In the event of any issues or concerns, communicating directly with the radiator manufacturer streamlines the resolution process.

3. Expert Advice 

Manufacturers possess an in-depth understanding of their products. Direct communication with Trads provides an opportunity to receive expert advice when selecting the right type and size of radiators for a space. The team can offer valuable insights into product features, BTU requirements and compatibility with smart valves.

4. Quality Assurance 

Working with Trads offers a higher level of confidence in the quality of the product. Booking a factory and showroom tour facilitates enquiries regarding manufacturing processes, the materials used and the quality control measures in place. This transparency allows informed decisions to be made based on the assurance of a well-crafted and reliable product.

5. Free Mainland Delivery 

Trads offers free delivery on all orders over £300 (inc VAT). Orders are typically dispatched within 10 working days, with the exception of hand-burnished products, which require a 2-week manufacturing window. First-hand coordination with Trads reduces the likelihood of delays and ensures that orders are processed efficiently.

6. Communication

Direct communication results in a better understanding of cast iron radiators. The Trads team are happy to answer questions and provide clarification on specifications, approaching all enquiries with a high level of expertise. This line of communication ensures customers are well-informed about the product before purchasing, contributing to a more satisfactory buying experience.

Get In Touch

The ability to buy directly from the radiator manufacturer makes Trads the ideal choice when purchasing a cast iron radiator. To browse the complete cast iron range, visit our website or download a brochure. For a more immersive experience, book a factory and showroom tour to see our radiators up close and speak with our knowledgeable team members. Call 01400 263320 to talk to someone directly, or email sales@tradscastironradiators.co.uk and we’ll aim to respond to your message within 24 hours. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date with all of our latest news and offers.

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