Upgrading Manufacturing Processes With Made Smarter East Midlands

Posted: Friday, January 12, 2024

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In 2023, Trads took proactive steps to leverage digital technology for improved operations and manufacturing processes. An offshoot of parent company Jig UK Ltd, Trads specialises in creating cast iron radiators and was looking to increase capacity. This led to a partnership with Made Smarter East Midlands, a regional programme that provides advice on how to switch to advanced and automated technologies. Using cutting-edge digital systems, manufacturing processes have been transformed and, in November, Trads received Grantham Journal’s Made Smarter Digital Manufacturer of the Year Award.

Trads’ Journey With Made Smarter East Midlands

To meet the growing demand for traditional cast iron radiators, Trads sought to enhance their operational efficiency and manufacturing capacity. Under the guidance of Made Smarter advisors, emphasis was placed on refining painting and assembly processes. By integrating advanced automation into manufacturing operations, these systems have been reimagined. 

The incorporation of DC torque tools and bar code scanning has streamlined inventory management and reduced the likelihood of errors on the assembly line. Vision systems with image recognition capabilities enhance quality control, detecting deviations from desired standards, and the integration of robotics has increased the precision, speed and consistency of production. Through the collaboration with Made Smarter East Midlands, Trads has embraced innovation and set new benchmarks for efficiency, ultimately resulting in a higher quality product for the consumer. 

Made Smarter Digital Manufacturer Of The Year

The success of the partnership with Made Smarter East Midlands showcases the transformative power of industrial digital technology. Trads not only tripled their manufacturing capacity but upskilled their workforce, training employees in up-to-date manufacturing best practices. Their accomplishments were celebrated at the 2023 Grantham Journal Business Awards, where they were awarded ‘Made Smarter Digital Manufacturer of the Year’. The team enjoyed an evening marking their achievements and those of other local businesses.

Trads’ Traditional Cast Iron Radiators

Trads’ cast iron radiator range exudes a timeless appeal, adding authenticity to period homes or spaces with a vintage feel. The hand assembly of each section results in subtle variations that enhance their unique charm. In contemporary settings, their eye-catching design creates an interesting focal point, blending vintage style with modern aesthetics. Beyond their visual appeal, cast iron radiator models efficiently retain and distribute heat, creating a cosy interior. All Trads’ cast iron radiators come with a lifetime guarantee due to their robust design and expert construction.    

Radiator models are built to order in the Trads’ manufacturing facility by a team of experienced engineers, allowing the buyer to customise models according to precise specifications, including size, style and finish. A stock of ready-made radiators offers a quick heating solution, bypassing manufacturing times and enabling delivery as soon as the following day. 

Contact Trads  

Upholding the highest standards in product manufacture and customer service, Trads is proud of its progress achieved alongside Made Smarter East Midlands. To explore their full range of cast iron radiators, browse their website, download a brochure or arrange a showroom tour. Email sales@tradscastironradiators.co.uk or call 01400 263320 to speak with one of the team directly. They will be happy to help with product specification, customisation options and calculating accurate BTU for your setting.    

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