Lifetime Guarantee: Trads’ Commitment To Excellence

Posted: Friday, August 11, 2023

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Emitting both heat and a sense of nostalgic elegance, Cast Iron Radiators have been an integral part of interior design for decades. Established in 2001, Trads design and manufacture traditional, Victorian-inspired Cast Iron Radiators that serve as a room’s focal point and minimalist contemporary models that complement diverse interior themes. Every model is awarded a lifetime guarantee due to Trads’ commitment to high-quality materials and craftsmanship. 

lifetime guarantee

The Charm Of Cast Iron Radiators

Emerging in the mid-19th century, Cast Iron Radiators revolutionised the way homes were heated. What has now become an iconic fixture started out as an alternative to open fires and stoves, offering a more controlled and efficient means of distributing heat. The Victorian era saw the height of Cast Iron Radiator design with elaborate patterns and intricate details becoming the hallmark of both functionality and aesthetics. Over the years, designs shifted to adapt to the Art Deco movement, Art Nouveau and even modernist influences. Trads manufacture a variety of models reflecting all popular styles from the 1800s to modern day, all backed by a lifetime guarantee. 

Beyond their visual appeal, the unique heating capacity of Cast Iron Radiators allows large spaces to be heated efficiently. The high thermal mass of Cast Iron allows it to retain heat long after the heating system has turned off. The comfortable warmth that blankets the room is far more enduring than that of a modern steel model. 

Ready-Made Radiators Vs. Custom Design 

Trads’ online radiator builder tool enables bespoke design creation. Each radiator can be adapted in size, number of sections, colour and finish so that it infuses personal style and perfectly suits its environment. By inputting room dimensions to the British Thermal Unit (BTU) Calculator, the exact size of radiator needed to heat the space can be established. 

Ready-Made Radiators offer a quick and convenient heating solution. Trads have a wide variety of pre-made radiators that can be delivered for free the next working day (when spending over £499 inc. VAT). Many models currently have a 20% discount, making them exceptional value for money. Whether ready-made or crafted to a specific design, every Cast Iron Radiator Trads produces comes with a lifetime guarantee as standard. This reflects the quality of materials used and first-rate manufacturing skill and technique.   

Lifetime Guarantee

Trads’ unwavering commitment to excellence is evident through the lifetime guarantee offered with every radiator sold. This warranty serves as a testament to the durability and performance of the products, as well as expert workmanship. What’s more, If customers receive a like-for-like quote or find an existing product at a lower price, Trads will beat it

At the time of purchase, Trads certify that the product is free from defects, after which the buyer must adhere to the care and use instructions provided. Trads will replace defective products free of charge; however, this guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear, accidental damage or commercial use. 

Contact Trads 

Trads have the perfect Cast Iron Radiator for every building. Choose from a diverse range of ready-made models or adapt a design using the custom build function and rest assured in the lifetime guarantee that comes with the chosen model. For enquiries and assistance, call 01400 263320 or email Download a brochure, browse the online gallery or book a factory tour to view the complete range of Cast Iron Radiators.

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