Eton 1 column in buttermilk

Eton 1 column in buttermilk

Eton Cast Iron Radiator

A high quality classically designed cast iron radiator with integral legs.

The Eton's simple design, consisting of straight edges and a curved top, comes in a full range of colours/finishes.

An alternative product you may also be interested in would be our Narrow Eton Cast Iron Radiator.

All our cast iron radiators come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Available in 3 heights: 480mm, 620mm, 770mm

From £45.00 per section.

Eton painted cast iron radiator sections

Eton painted cast iron radiator sections

Our radiators are available in any desired colour or finish. Our specialised artisan finishes are as follows:

  • 13-5-end.jpg Hand Burnished
  • 13-5-end.jpg Satin Polished

Other specialised Trads colours and finishes are shown below. Swatches are available for these 12 colours

  • 13-1-end.jpg Ancient Breeze
  • 13-2-end.jpg Buttermilk
  • 13-3-end.jpg Foundry Grey
  • 13-4-end.jpg French Grey
  • 13-6-end.jpg Graphite Grey
  • 13-7-end.jpg Hammered Bronze
  • 13-8-end.jpg Hammered Gold
  • 13-9-end.jpg Parchment White
  • 13-10-end.jpg Primer
  • 13-11-end.jpg Satin Black
  • 13-12-end.jpg Vellum
  • 13-13-end.jpg Willow Green

Any other colour is available, for example all Farrow & Ball shades and all other recognised brands.

With our onsite paint and spray shop facilities, we can finish any radiator from a choice of over 10,000 colours and offer an expert colour matching service to attain even greater levels of customisation.

Please note that colours can vary from printed brochures and those shown on websites, we recommend a free colour swatch prior to purchase. Please contact us with your swatch request.


eton radiator measurements

* per cast iron radiator section.

480 150 340 100 66 182 53 6.7kg
620 150 480 100 66 226 66 7.7kg
770 150 630 100 66 272 80 9kg

To calculate the British Thermal Units (BTU's) required to heat your room please use our Heat Output (BTU) Calculator

The Eton cast iron radiator is one of our most popular models. It combines simple design with classic style, making it the ideal choice for any modern or period home. 

At Trads, our beautiful selection of cast iron radiators is inspired by a bygone age. We’re passionate about replicating the lavish interiors of eras past and we have built all of our products around this vision. The Eton’s simplicity, with a design consisting of straight edges and a curved top, is the perfect fit for a range of environments. It is both visually stunning and highly functional - stylish, yet brimming with substance. 

The Eton is available in three different heights (480mm, 620mm, 770mm) and can be customised to your exact requirements. Our extensive paint and finish options will enable you to tailor this model to any room or environment, with the ability to add up to 30 sections another one of its biggest selling points. Colours from premium paint brands such as Farrow & Ball are available and we will use our on-site paint and spray shop facilities to add the finishing touch to your cast iron radiator. 

Similar to our other models, the Eton cast iron radiator has been handmade in the UK by a team of knowledgeable and experienced craftsmen. Our design experts employ tried-and-tested manufacturing techniques when bringing our products to life and only work with the highest grade of cast iron. 

Finished with integral legs and complete with a Lifetime Guarantee, the Eton is a model without equal. Every one of our cast iron radiator designs is recognised for its quality, authenticity and reliability and the same can be said for the Eton. 

Make the Eton part of the furniture today. You can browse our options in full below or get in touch for further information. FREE UK DELIVERY is on all items over £449 inc. VAT! 


Eton Radiator Range Information Table

Model No. Height Width
(inc. bushes)
(from wall)
(ΔT 50°)
Price From
(inc. VAT in Primer)
Build Radiator
TBK118/119 480mm 232mm 150mm 546 £135.00
TBK118/119 480mm 298mm 150mm 728 £180.00
TBK118/119 480mm 364mm 150mm 910 £225.00
TBK118/119 480mm 430mm 150mm 1092 £270.00
TBK118/119 480mm 496mm 150mm 1274 £315.00
TBK118/119 480mm 562mm 150mm 1456 £360.00
TBK118/119 480mm 628mm 150mm 1638 £405.00
TBK118/119 480mm 694mm 150mm 1820 £450.00
TBK118/119 480mm 760mm 150mm 2002 £495.00
TBK118/119 480mm 826mm 150mm 2184 £540.00
TBK118/119 480mm 892mm 150mm 2366 £585.00
TBK118/119 480mm 958mm 150mm 2548 £630.00
TBK118/119 480mm 1024mm 150mm 2730 £675.00
TBK118/119 480mm 1090mm 150mm 2912 £720.00
TBK118/119 480mm 1156mm 150mm 3094 £765.00
TBK118/119 480mm 1222mm 150mm 3276 £810.00
TBK118/119 480mm 1288mm 150mm 3458 £855.00
TBK118/119 480mm 1354mm 150mm 3640 £900.00
TBK118/119 480mm 1420mm 150mm 3822 £945.00
TBK118/119 480mm 1486mm 150mm 4004 £990.00
TBK118/119 480mm 1552mm 150mm 4186 £1035.00
TBK118/119 480mm 1618mm 150mm 4368 £1080.00
TBK118/119 480mm 1684mm 150mm 4550 £1125.00
TBK118/119 480mm 1750mm 150mm 4732 £1170.00
TBK118/119 480mm 1816mm 150mm 4914 £1215.00
TBK118/119 480mm 1882mm 150mm 5096 £1260.00
TBK118/119 480mm 1948mm 150mm 5278 £1305.00
TBK118/119 480mm 2014mm 150mm 5460 £1350.00
Model No. Height Width
(inc. bushes)
(from wall)
(ΔT 50°)
Price From
(inc. VAT in Primer)
Build Radiator
TBK128/129 620mm 232mm 150mm 678 £171.00
TBK128/129 620mm 298mm 150mm 904 £228.00
TBK128/129 620mm 364mm 150mm 1130 £285.00
TBK128/129 620mm 430mm 150mm 1356 £342.00
TBK128/129 620mm 496mm 150mm 1582 £399.00
TBK128/129 620mm 562mm 150mm 1808 £456.00
TBK128/129 620mm 628mm 150mm 2034 £513.00
TBK128/129 620mm 694mm 150mm 2260 £570.00
TBK128/129 620mm 760mm 150mm 2486 £627.00
TBK128/129 620mm 826mm 150mm 2712 £684.00
TBK128/129 620mm 892mm 150mm 2938 £741.00
TBK128/129 620mm 958mm 150mm 3164 £798.00
TBK128/129 620mm 1024mm 150mm 3390 £855.00
TBK128/129 620mm 1090mm 150mm 3616 £912.00
TBK128/129 620mm 1156mm 150mm 3842 £969.00
TBK128/129 620mm 1222mm 150mm 4068 £1026.00
TBK128/129 620mm 1288mm 150mm 4294 £1083.00
TBK128/129 620mm 1354mm 150mm 4520 £1140.00
TBK128/129 620mm 1420mm 150mm 4746 £1197.00
TBK128/129 620mm 1486mm 150mm 4972 £1254.00
TBK128/129 620mm 1552mm 150mm 5198 £1311.00
TBK128/129 620mm 1618mm 150mm 5424 £1368.00
TBK128/129 620mm 1684mm 150mm 5650 £1425.00
TBK128/129 620mm 1750mm 150mm 5876 £1482.00
TBK128/129 620mm 1816mm 150mm 6102 £1539.00
TBK128/129 620mm 1882mm 150mm 6328 £1596.00
TBK128/129 620mm 1948mm 150mm 6554 £1653.00
TBK128/129 620mm 2014mm 150mm 6780 £1710.00
Model No. Height Width
(inc. bushes)
(from wall)
(ΔT 50°)
Price From
(inc. VAT in Primer)
Build Radiator
TBK120/121 770mm 232mm 150mm 816 £182.99
TBK120/121 770mm 298mm 150mm 1088 £243.98
TBK120/121 770mm 364mm 150mm 1360 £304.98
TBK120/121 770mm 430mm 150mm 1632 £365.98
TBK120/121 770mm 496mm 150mm 1904 £426.97
TBK120/121 770mm 562mm 150mm 2176 £487.97
TBK120/121 770mm 628mm 150mm 2448 £548.96
TBK120/121 770mm 694mm 150mm 2720 £609.96
TBK120/121 770mm 760mm 150mm 2992 £670.96
TBK120/121 770mm 826mm 150mm 3264 £731.95
TBK120/121 770mm 892mm 150mm 3536 £792.95
TBK120/121 770mm 958mm 150mm 3808 £853.94
TBK120/121 770mm 1024mm 150mm 4080 £914.94
TBK120/121 770mm 1090mm 150mm 4352 £975.94
TBK120/121 770mm 1156mm 150mm 4624 £1036.93
TBK120/121 770mm 1222mm 150mm 4896 £1097.93
TBK120/121 770mm 1288mm 150mm 5168 £1158.92
TBK120/121 770mm 1354mm 150mm 5440 £1219.92
TBK120/121 770mm 1420mm 150mm 5712 £1280.92
TBK120/121 770mm 1486mm 150mm 5984 £1341.91
TBK120/121 770mm 1552mm 150mm 6256 £1402.91
TBK120/121 770mm 1618mm 150mm 6528 £1463.90
TBK120/121 770mm 1684mm 150mm 6800 £1524.90
TBK120/121 770mm 1750mm 150mm 7072 £1585.90
TBK120/121 770mm 1816mm 150mm 7344 £1646.89
TBK120/121 770mm 1882mm 150mm 7616 £1707.89
TBK120/121 770mm 1948mm 150mm 7888 £1768.88
TBK120/121 770mm 2014mm 150mm 8160 £1829.88

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