2023 Home Décor Trends

Posted: Friday, January 20, 2023

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Are you renovating a property or giving your home a makeover? If so, it may be helpful for you to explore Ideal Home’s 2023 home décor trends. This is a great way to find some inspiration and make sure that your home does not have a dated appearance. Read on to find out how our Cast Iron Radiators can keep your home looking on trend! 

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This Year’s Top Home Décor Trends

Comfortcore’ - Wayfair's resident style advisor, Nadia McCowan Hill, suggests that, after a hard few years, we are now looking to bring more comfort into our homes. ‘Comfortcore’ is all about a friendly, warm and welcoming appearance. Curved lines, like those found on our Princess and Duchess models, suit this look perfectly. This style also lends itself to soft, natural tones, many of which you can find among our 10,000 colour and finish options.

Viva Magenta - Contrasting the soft tones of Comfortcore is Viva Magenta, Pantone’s 2023 Colour of the Year. This vibrant shade is predicted to be appearing everywhere this year, from clothing to packaging to home décor trends and interiors. You can find many bold shades like this in our collection but, should you have an exact hue in mind, you can also use our FREE colour-match service to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Dark and Textured Kitchens - Light, neutral kitchens are becoming less popular and making way for dark and textured fixtures, fittings and worktops. We have numerous colour options that suit this kind of design, and our finishes can add exciting texture to your radiator. Our new collection of Anthracite radiators would also suit this style perfectly, plus, the range includes vertical models that are ideal for the kitchen as they don’t take up as much horizontal wall space.

‘Flawsome’ - ‘Flawsome’ has become one of the most popular home décor trends. This is a celebration of imperfections, stating that flaws can be the feature that makes something awesome! A number of our hand-finish options can create a kind of olde worlde, traditional appearance, such as:

  • Antiqued French Grey 
  • Antiqued Silver 
  • Antiqued Foundry Grey 
  • Antiqued Ancient Breeze 
  • Antiqued Hammered Gold 
  • Antiqued Hammered Bronze 
  • Vintage Copper 

Bathroom retreats - The importance of ‘self-care’ has become something that many more people are turning their attention to, and a beautiful bathroom is a great place to relax. Finishing your bathroom with one of our attractive towel rails will not only effectively heat the space, but will also look fantastic. Our range includes a number of models in several different finishes, including copper, chrome and nickel. You can also add a Cast Iron Radiator insert, as shown here, to create a stunning focal point capable of heating even the largest of bathrooms!

Keep Up With These Home Décor Trends With Trads Radiators!

Would you like to improve your home with our Cast Iron Radiators? Then you can create yours online here, or choose a model from our ready-made collection. Should you need any help with your purchase, please call our friendly staff on 01400 263320.

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