Princess radiator in hand burnished finish

Princess radiator in hand burnished finish

Princess Cast Iron Radiator

Believed to be originally manufactured by the American Radiator Company circa 1890, its shallow depth is ideally suited for hallways and narrow rooms.

Originally known as the 'Peerless' radiator, this model is very much a modern day classic.

An alternative product you may also be interested in would be our Rococo 1 Column Cast Iron Radiator.

All our cast iron radiators come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Available in 3 heights: 460mm, 610mm, 795mm

From £36.50 per section.

Princess painted cast iron radiators in various heights

Princess painted cast iron radiators in various heights

Our radiators are available in any desired colour or finish. Our specialised artisan finishes are as follows:

  • 17-5-end.jpg Hand Burnished
  • 17-5-end.jpg Satin Polished

Other specialised Trads colours and finishes are shown below. Swatches are available for these 12 colours

  • 17-1-end.jpg Ancient Breeze
  • 17-2-end.jpg Buttermilk
  • 17-3-end.jpg Foundry Grey
  • 17-4-end.jpg French Grey
  • 17-3-end.jpg Graphite Grey
  • 17-7-end.jpg Hammered Bronze
  • 17-8-end.jpg Hammered Gold
  • 17-9-end.jpg Parchment White
  • 17-10-end.jpg Primer
  • 17-11-end.jpg Satin Black
  • 17-12-end.jpg Vellum
  • 17-13-end.jpg Willow Green

Any other colour is available, for example all Farrow & Ball shades and all other recognised brands.

With our onsite paint and spray shop facilities, we can finish any radiator from a choice of over 10,000 colours and offer an expert colour matching service to attain even greater levels of customisation.

Please note that colours can vary from printed brochures and those shown on websites, we recommend a free colour swatch prior to purchase. Please contact us with your swatch request.


princess radiator measurements

* per cast iron radiator section.

460 125 300 105 76 171 50 5.3kg
610 125 450 105 75 226 66 7.8kg
795 125 640 105 76 315 92 9.3kg

To calculate the British Thermal Units (BTU's) required to heat your room please use our Heat Output (BTU) Calculator

The Princess cast iron radiator is a model thought to have been originally manufactured by the American Radiator Company in 1890. The name suggests lighter, more delicate features, which is precisely the case. This model has a shallower depth than many of our other pieces, making it ideal for installation in a hallway or narrow room, complementing rather than overpowering the space.

As with all of our cast iron radiators, the Princess cast iron radiator can be a striking feature for any space, whether private or commercial. Its rounded, graceful curves and smooth casting make it an easy yet beautiful addition to a building. 

The Princess cast iron radiator is available in three heights: 460mm, 610mm and 795mm. Such varied options allow you to place these models throughout an entire building without concerns about them being unsuitable for mismatched spaces. This will create a sense of cohesion throughout the property. Some customers choose to pair Princess cast iron radiators with Duchess models. These radiators complement each other seamlessly, maintaining the flow of the interior, yet giving an element of variation. 

Its classic appearance and authentic style make the Princess cast iron radiator suitable for the renovation of a period property, however, it has also found success in numerous other properties, from industrial-style urban spaces to castles. It is not just the simple elegance of the model that makes it appropriate for such varied architecture. The extensive range of colour and finish options that we offer allow you to style the radiator exactly as you wish.

Trads provides over 10,000 colour and finish options. Many of our satisfied customers have chosen to maintain the classic, muted colours that reflect early cast iron radiators, however, the resurgence of these models has seen some opting for bold, statement colours, ensuring the piece is a standout feature of any room. You can tailor your Princess cast iron radiator perfectly to your taste, style and size requirements with ease. 

After designing your ideal model, we will ship your cast iron radiator anywhere in the UK Mainland free of charge (on orders over £449). Furthermore, due to the quality materials, paint and craftsmanship that we utilise, we are happy to offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all of our cast iron radiators. 

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Princess Radiator Range Information Table

Model No. Height Width
(inc. bushes)
(from wall)
(ΔT 50°)
Price From
(inc. VAT in Primer)
Build Radiator
TBK102/103 460mm 262mm 125mm 513 £109.51
TBK102/103 460mm 338mm 125mm 684 £146.02
TBK102/103 460mm 414mm 125mm 855 £182.52
TBK102/103 460mm 490mm 125mm 1026 £219.02
TBK102/103 460mm 566mm 125mm 1197 £255.53
TBK102/103 460mm 642mm 125mm 1368 £292.03
TBK102/103 460mm 718mm 125mm 1539 £328.54
TBK102/103 460mm 794mm 125mm 1710 £365.04
TBK102/103 460mm 870mm 125mm 1881 £401.54
TBK102/103 460mm 946mm 125mm 2052 £438.05
TBK102/103 460mm 1022mm 125mm 2223 £474.55
TBK102/103 460mm 1098mm 125mm 2394 £511.06
TBK102/103 460mm 1174mm 125mm 2565 £547.56
TBK102/103 460mm 1250mm 125mm 2736 £584.06
TBK102/103 460mm 1326mm 125mm 2907 £620.57
TBK102/103 460mm 1402mm 125mm 3078 £657.07
TBK102/103 460mm 1478mm 125mm 3249 £693.58
TBK102/103 460mm 1554mm 125mm 3420 £730.08
TBK102/103 460mm 1630mm 125mm 3591 £766.58
TBK102/103 460mm 1706mm 125mm 3762 £803.09
TBK102/103 460mm 1782mm 125mm 3933 £839.59
TBK102/103 460mm 1858mm 125mm 4104 £876.10
TBK102/103 460mm 1934mm 125mm 4275 £912.60
TBK102/103 460mm 2010mm 125mm 4446 £949.10
TBK102/103 460mm 2086mm 125mm 4617 £985.61
TBK102/103 460mm 2162mm 125mm 4788 £1022.11
TBK102/103 460mm 2238mm 125mm 4959 £1058.62
TBK102/103 460mm 2314mm 125mm 5130 £1095.12
Model No. Height Width
(inc. bushes)
(from wall)
(ΔT 50°)
Price From
(inc. VAT in Primer)
Build Radiator
TBK104/105 610mm 259mm 125mm 678 £144.00
TBK104/105 610mm 334mm 125mm 904 £192.00
TBK104/105 610mm 409mm 125mm 1130 £240.00
TBK104/105 610mm 484mm 125mm 1356 £288.00
TBK104/105 610mm 559mm 125mm 1582 £336.00
TBK104/105 610mm 634mm 125mm 1808 £384.00
TBK104/105 610mm 709mm 125mm 2034 £432.00
TBK104/105 610mm 784mm 125mm 2260 £480.00
TBK104/105 610mm 859mm 125mm 2486 £528.00
TBK104/105 610mm 934mm 125mm 2712 £576.00
TBK104/105 610mm 1009mm 125mm 2938 £624.00
TBK104/105 610mm 1084mm 125mm 3164 £672.00
TBK104/105 610mm 1159mm 125mm 3390 £720.00
TBK104/105 610mm 1234mm 125mm 3616 £768.00
TBK104/105 610mm 1309mm 125mm 3842 £816.00
TBK104/105 610mm 1384mm 125mm 4068 £864.00
TBK104/105 610mm 1459mm 125mm 4294 £912.00
TBK104/105 610mm 1534mm 125mm 4520 £960.00
TBK104/105 610mm 1609mm 125mm 4746 £1008.00
TBK104/105 610mm 1684mm 125mm 4972 £1056.00
TBK104/105 610mm 1759mm 125mm 5198 £1104.00
TBK104/105 610mm 1834mm 125mm 5424 £1152.00
TBK104/105 610mm 1909mm 125mm 5650 £1200.00
TBK104/105 610mm 1984mm 125mm 5876 £1248.00
TBK104/105 610mm 2059mm 125mm 6102 £1296.00
TBK104/105 610mm 2134mm 125mm 6328 £1344.00
TBK104/105 610mm 2209mm 125mm 6554 £1392.00
TBK104/105 610mm 2284mm 125mm 6780 £1440.00
Model No. Height Width
(inc. bushes)
(from wall)
(ΔT 50°)
Price From
(inc. VAT in Primer)
Build Radiator
TBK106/107 795mm 262mm 125mm 945 £168.01
TBK106/107 795mm 338mm 125mm 1260 £224.02
TBK106/107 795mm 414mm 125mm 1575 £280.02
TBK106/107 795mm 490mm 125mm 1890 £336.02
TBK106/107 795mm 566mm 125mm 2205 £392.03
TBK106/107 795mm 642mm 125mm 2520 £448.03
TBK106/107 795mm 718mm 125mm 2835 £504.04
TBK106/107 795mm 794mm 125mm 3150 £560.04
TBK106/107 795mm 870mm 125mm 3465 £616.04
TBK106/107 795mm 946mm 125mm 3780 £672.05
TBK106/107 795mm 1022mm 125mm 4095 £728.05
TBK106/107 795mm 1098mm 125mm 4410 £784.06
TBK106/107 795mm 1174mm 125mm 4725 £840.06
TBK106/107 795mm 1250mm 125mm 5040 £896.06
TBK106/107 795mm 1326mm 125mm 5355 £952.07
TBK106/107 795mm 1402mm 125mm 5670 £1008.07
TBK106/107 795mm 1478mm 125mm 5985 £1064.08
TBK106/107 795mm 1554mm 125mm 6300 £1120.08
TBK106/107 795mm 1630mm 125mm 6615 £1176.08
TBK106/107 795mm 1706mm 125mm 6930 £1232.09
TBK106/107 795mm 1782mm 125mm 7245 £1288.09
TBK106/107 795mm 1858mm 125mm 7560 £1344.10
TBK106/107 795mm 1934mm 125mm 7875 £1400.10
TBK106/107 795mm 2010mm 125mm 8190 £1456.10
TBK106/107 795mm 2086mm 125mm 8505 £1512.11
TBK106/107 795mm 2162mm 125mm 8820 £1568.11
TBK106/107 795mm 2238mm 125mm 9135 £1624.12
TBK106/107 795mm 2314mm 125mm 9450 £1680.12

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