Trads Modern Cast Iron Radiators

Posted: Thursday, March 10, 2022

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Our modern cast iron radiators have retained the charm of our early models, but have become much more efficient.

For a long time, these heating solutions have been the go-to options for any period home, however, they’ve also become desirable statement pieces for more contemporary, industrial buildings too!

Can A Modern Cast Iron Radiator Heat My Home Effectively?

In a word, yes. 

Here at Trads, we use only the highest grade of cast iron available. This means that our modern cast iron radiators are the ideal way to heat your home, as they retain heat for far longer than their traditional steel counterparts.

We also offer a wide range of valve options, allowing you to control the temperature of your home easily. 

Will A Modern Cast Iron Radiator Fit In With My Decor?

Another resounding yes!

We offer a large variety of different models, ranging from those with a classic appearance, to highly decorative and bolder modern designs. These are all available in over 10,000 different colour and finish options too.  

We paint and finish all of our products in-house, which allows us to make sure that the quality reflects our meticulous standards.

Why Should You Purchase Your Modern Cast Iron Radiator From Trads?

There are many reasons why Trads Cast Iron Radiators is the ideal place to purchase your new heating solution. We have covered a number of these in one of our recent blogs, all of which you can read here.

The key point is the pride that we take in our work. We do not sell any item that we do not wholeheartedly believe in. This is easy to make certain of as we create our products in our very own Lincolnshire-based factory - which is open for FREE tours

Purchase Your Modern Cast Iron Radiators Today

Our easy-to-use website lets you design your own modern cast iron radiator. Alternatively, you can select your new heating solution from our range of ready-made options. Browse these here

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