Why Purchase Your Traditional Radiator From Trads?

Posted: Friday, January 21, 2022

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Traditional radiators are a beautiful way to finish any space. As well as adding a touch of sophistication to a room, they also provide highly effective heating.

There are a number of establishments from which you can purchase one of these fabulous heating solutions, so why choose Trads?

There are several reasons, read on to find the answers.


Here at Trads, we create our traditional radiators using only the highest grade of cast iron. Therefore, they offer the best heat retention available and will continue to keep a space warm long after the heating has been switched off.

We create our products in our very own Lincolnshire workshop (tours are available free of charge), which allows us to ensure first-class craftsmanship.

The combination of quality materials and knowledgeable staff enables us to provide our customers with the best cast iron radiators on the market!

Traditional Radiators With A Lifetime Guarantee 

With such quality products, we are happy to offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our traditional radiators, whether you choose to design your own or select one from our numerous ready-made models. We are one of the only companies in the UK to offer a lifetime guarantee! 

Colour And Finish Options

As well as a wide range of different models, we offer over 10,000 colour and finish options! You can therefore style your traditional radiator to suit your exact interior design vision.

Whilst the radiators themselves are classically designed, many of our customers opt for non-traditional finishes. Choosing one of our bold, bright colour options results in a true statement piece.

We have carefully sourced the best paint suppliers in the UK, including Farrow & Ball, Little Greene Paint Company, Roberson Liquid Metal, and our very own Carron range. All of these brands are well-known for their huge variety and exceptional quality. You can therefore be confident that your radiators’ paintwork will last for decades to come. 

Free Delivery

Finally, you should purchase your new heating solution from Trads as we offer FREE UK mainland delivery on all orders in excess of £449!

Find Your Perfect Traditional Radiators

Visit our website to learn more about our traditional radiators. If you have any specific questions or queries, you can contact us on 01400 263320.

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