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Posted: Friday, December 9, 2022

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When renovating a property, something to consider is installing new radiators. If you’ve recently bought a property, you have no way of knowing if the heating is adequate, and if you are renovating a property that you already live in, you might want to install new radiators to make sure that they are providing an energy efficient solution. Saving on energy bills is a high priority for all of us at the moment due to the ongoing energy crisis.   


Considering A Central Heating Overhaul? Consider Heat Pumps.

If you are renovating a property that hasn’t been used for a while, then the first step might be to consider a whole new central heating system. If you are choosing to do this then you might want to consider installing an air source pump or ground source pump as part of your central heating. These pumps use less energy than the most efficient boilers to generate the same amount of heat, meaning that you can save on your energy bills while also reducing your heat carbon footprint by around 75%. Once you’ve installed the central heating, the next step is to choose your radiators! 

Trads Radiators For Renovating Properties Of All Eras

Here at Trads, we stock over 70 different styles and sizes of radiators, which cover a wide range of periods and styles, including many from the Victorian era. They are all designed to look great  while offering highly-efficient heating. 

If you are renovating a period home, then you might want to choose from our selection of Cast Iron Radiators. The Rococo 3 Column Cast Iron Radiator is an example of one of our decorative models, which will bring an element of refinery to any room while keeping in with the style of the home.

Choosing to rent your property? Then perhaps you’d like to aim for a more neutral look. The Eton is one of our most popular models, combining simple design and classic timeless style in a radiator with slim columns. If you were to opt for a neutral colour like Buttermilk, tenants will have no trouble incorporating their own furnishings, regardless of their individual tastes. With over 10,000 colour and finish options on offer, you’re spoilt for choice!

For modern properties, our Anthracite Designer Radiators are the latest in contemporary heating. These steel radiators have a sleek design, a slightly textured grey powder coating, and are particularly well suited to multi-storey properties as they offer a lightweight alternative to Cast Iron Radiators.     

Use The BTU Calculator

If you are renovating a property that you have no experience of living in, it's important that you choose a length and model for your radiators that will adequately heat each room. For that reason, when browsing our radiators, we’d advise using our handy BTU Calculator. By incorporating this into the selection process, you can make sure that you get the most from your new purchase.

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We’re always on hand to answer any questions, whether they’re to do with choosing your radiators, colours and finishes, or more technical aspects. Please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team on 01400 263320.


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