Our Trade Discount For Cast Iron Radiators

Posted: Friday, June 24, 2022

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At Trads, we pride ourselves on having a range of traditional radiators to suit a diverse array of spaces. We primarily use Cast Iron to create our heating solutions and we stock a multitude of styles. We’re already the choice of homeowners across the country who trust in the quality of our products and our highly skilled, experienced team of craftsmen. If you need to source several radiators for a large space or multiple buildings, you will be pleased to know that we offer a trade discount for Cast Iron Radiators.  


cast iron radiatorsWho Could Benefit From Our Trade Discount For Cast Iron Radiators?

There are several industry professionals who could benefit from our discount. Here are just a few common examples of those who choose Trads when looking for reliable, timeless radiators that have been built to last, as illustrated by our lifetime guarantee on all of our Cast Iron Radiators.

Castle Renovators And National Trust Buildings Renovators 

Many old, historical buildings have very specific needs in terms of heating. They are more than likely to have large rooms, meaning the chosen heating method will need to be highly efficient. As well as making sure that the space is heated efficiently, the style is also of the utmost importance. Radiators will need to be chosen to either match existing ones, be a close match or be chosen whilst being sympathetic to the look and style of the property. If you were looking at such a project, you’d definitely benefit from our trade discount for Cast Iron Radiators. 

For such a building, the Rococo 1 Column Cast Iron Radiator could be a perfect match. Elegant and beautifully embellished, this decorative yet functional radiator features flared feet and ‘eared’ top detail, offering a stately charm. We offer eighteen specialised artisan finishes, including Vintage Copper, which we would certainly suggest.

Architects And Estate Agents

If you are involved in supplying radiators to new homes as an architect or estate agent, you could also benefit from our trade discount for Cast Iron Radiators. 

For newer homes where a contemporary feel is needed, our Modern Cast Iron Radiators come highly recommended. For example, we stock The Narrow Eton. This inherently elegant Cast Iron Radiator features integral legs and its timeless design means it fits right at home in any home. 

You can build and order all of our radiators online or alternatively, you can contact us and we can assist you. We simply ask you to make sure you’ve applied for our trade discount for Cast Iron Radiators beforehand. 

Apply For Your Trade Discount For Cast Iron Radiators

If you’ve got a need for many Cast Iron Radiators for a single project or ongoing work, then simply fill in our Trads Trade Application. Through this, you can get a 10% discount on all of our products. The discount is for all trade customers including interior designers, architects, and estate agents, as well as castle renovators and National Trust property renovators.

You can also visit our website to learn more about our products If you have any specific questions or queries, you can contact us on 01400 263320.

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