Our Radiators and Towel Rails Have Been Featured On Coronation Street!

Posted: Thursday, August 18, 2022

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We recently had the pleasure of working with ITV and Coronation Street to create a honeymoon set for an episode aired on the 15th of July, featuring Tyrone Dobbs (played by Alan Halsall) and Phill Whittaker (played by Jamie Kenna). The Coronation Street team were wonderful to work with and we are so proud of how the set looked when completed. Our Cast Iron Radiators and Towel Rails add classic style and sophistication to any space - visit our website to explore our collection.


Ribbon 2 Column Cast Iron Radiators

We carry a varied range of radiators and the one featured in the programme was our 795mm Ribbon 2 Columns, finished in Antiqued Hammered Gold. This model was first manufactured in the 1880s, becoming a popular fixture in churches throughout the country. We have maintained the original design, yet upgraded the materials used and the engineering, resulting in the same beautiful appearance, but with excellent efficiency.

The ornate detailing on these radiators makes them a real showpiece. They are suitable for any space, from period homes to modern industrial buildings. As with all of our Cast Iron Radiators, this is available in over 10,000 colour and finish options! This includes our bespoke finishes:

  • Antiqued French Grey 
  • Hand Burnished 
  • Highlight Polish 
  • Satin Polished 
  • Vintage Copper 
  • Antiqued Silver 
  • Bare Metal 
  • Highlight Gold 
  • Highlight Silver 
  • Pewter Lustre

View these and learn more about them here.

Colossus Horse Steel Towel Rails

The featured towel rail is our Colossus Horse Steel model with a copper finish, the Colossus range comes in a range of different finishes. The exact towel rail that was on set was brushed to avoid seeing the reflection of the cameras on its immaculately finished surface.

Our towel rails are not only a stylish addition to any room, but they also keep your bathroom or utility warm and dry. This is important as it prevents the growth of mould and bacteria, which will otherwise thrive and grow in cold, damp areas such as an unheated bathroom.

We offer a range of wall-mounted and freestanding towel rails and ultimately, the choice is yours to make, although it might be a difficult one. We think that larger families often benefit more from freestanding towel rails or a tall, wall-mounted version, as this will ensure that there is enough space for everyone’s towels. 

As with our radiators, you can personalise your towel rail, the one shown in Coronation Street has a Brushed Copper finish.

For larger bathrooms, we may advise different models which can include a radiator insert, such as this Wilsford Chrome Towel Rail. These not only look fantastic, but also provide even more heat.

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Find your new radiators on our website, here you can select from our ready-made collection, or design your own. Our brochure is available for download, or to browse online here, alternatively, you can order a hard copy.

If you would like to see our products in person you can visit our Lincolnshire-based showroom. You can also book a FREE tour of our factory by calling 01400 263320, this allows you to see exactly how your radiators are created and how much care and attention we put into all of our products. It is this, combined with our use of only the highest grade of Cast Iron available, that makes us so confident in our products and we, therefore, offer a lifetime warranty on all Cast Iron Radiators!

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