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Posted: Friday, May 19, 2023

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Here at Trads Cast Iron Radiators, we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of the products that we manufacture. Therefore, we only use the best paint suppliers to finish our products. Our 10,000 different colour and finish options are supplied by Little Greene, Farrow & Ball, Roberson Liquid Metal and our own Trads Traditional Colours. 

little greene

About Little Greene

Little Greene is an independent, British paint manufacturer with over 300 years in the industry. Despite being established in the 17th century, they are still a family-run business with their own factory in the foothills of Mount Snowdon. This company is the only British paint manufacturer that still produces a complete range of traditional and modern finishes, including interior and exterior finishes, oil-based paints, floor paint and a signature range of hard-wearing, water-based ‘intelligent paints’.

How their paint is formulated has not changed much since production first started. They are made ‘without compromise’, using the finest natural, organic ingredients and safe synthetic pigments to give them their signature depth of colour. 

Despite becoming internationally renowned, their manufacturing is still small enough to measure ingredients in kilograms rather than tonnes. Like ours, their products are produced by the hands of master craftspeople instead of machines, enabling them to ensure the quality promised. Even their sample pots are filled by hand from glass jugs!

Little Greene paint has excellent opacity and superb coverage, meaning it is practical, highly attractive and economical. We enjoy working with their paint as we have many similarities in how we produce our products and because they are also an eco-friendly choice.

Little Greene And Trads - The Eco-friendly Choice

We like to work with suppliers who share our values as well as create exceptional products. We believe in being as eco-friendly as possible and it is a pleasure to work with another company that respects the environment. Here are some of the reasons why we are an eco-friendly choice:

Lifetime Guarantee 

All of our Cast Iron Radiators are built to last and all come with a lifetime guarantee. Their hardiness means that they will not need to be replaced for decades, meaning fewer raw materials are used overall.

Energy Saving

Using only the highest grade of Cast Iron available means that our models have a particularly high thermal mass (learn more here). This means that they retain heat for much longer than steel models. This allows them to continue warming a space long after the heating has been switched off.

Alternative Energy Sources

Our models are designed to work with a variety of alternative energy sources including ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and solar energy. Learn more about alternative energy sources here.

Little Greene is also dedicated to being environmentally friendly:

Water-Based Paints

These paints have the lowest eco-rating in the industry, there is no concern about solvent contributions to the atmosphere, respiratory issues or bad smells - their eco-paint is virtually odourless.

Oil-Based Paints

These have been reformulated to use only sustainable vegetable oils, whilst still maintaining their quality.

Recycled Paint Tins

The paint tins used are made with over 50% recycled steel and they are always working to increase this number. Over the last three years, this company has reduced waste by 57%.

Local Manufacturing

To minimise pollution, as well as support their local business community, local suppliers are favoured.

Create Your radiator

We have recently produced models in the following colours:

  • Basalt™
  • Hicks Blue™
  • Pompeian Ash™
  • Pleat™
  • Sage Green™
  • Joanna™
  • French Grey™

But you can see the full range of Little Greene shades available here.

Click here to design your radiators, or choose from our ready-made collection.

If you would like to see our models and these stunning finishes in person please visit our Lincolnshire-based showroom and factory. Here you can also enjoy a FREE factory tour!

You may also be interested in downloading our brochure or following us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest if you need inspiration. 

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