Farrow & Ball Paint - A Perfect Match For Our Traditional Radiators

Posted: Thursday, June 16, 2022

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At Trads we offer a wide range of Cast Iron Radiators. Every one of our models is based on authentic, vintage designs, with the aim of bringing an extra touch of class and sophistication to its surroundings. In addition to all of the hard work that goes into their creation, it’s the colour of our decorative radiators that often makes the biggest impression. Our extensive range of Farrow & Ball paint has really caught the imagination of our customers.

Farrow And Ball Paint

A Multi-Coloured Traditional Radiator 

Founded in 1946, Farrow & Ball paint is synonymous with quality. The richness of their extensive colour palette has won the hearts of millions, and we consider ourselves to be very big fans of their work. This makes it a tremendous honour to be able to use their distinctive colours as part of our manufacturing processes. 

Currently in production is a multi-coloured ‘rainbow’ radiator, which marks a historic collaboration between our two great companies. The unique model, created by our master craftsmen, comprises the top 10 Farrow & Ball paint colours as featured in this article from Homes and Gardens.

The Top 10 Farrow & Ball Paint Colours 

In addition to the striking model above, it is still possible to have your vintage radiator finished in just one iconic Farrow & Ball paint shade. We are proud to offer our radiators in all of the colours that made the Homes and Gardens list. Here’s when and why you should use them.

    • Cornforth White: Elegant and understated, Cornforth White works well alongside a vast range of interior styles. For a toned down and relaxing environment, this is perfect.
  • Ammonite:
      Known for its grey tones, Ammonite is only slightly lighter than Cornforth White. This opens up several design possibilities, and gives you a radiator that complements practically any space. 
    • Railings: A soft blue-black that’s rich in character, Railings will lend a dramatic edge to your chosen model. 
    • Downpipe: A little darker than Railings, Downpipe has a grittier finish that will place more of a focus on your heating solution. Contrast it with lighter colours for a striking effect. 
  • Sulking Room Pink:
      This muted shade of pink is effortlessly sophisticated. 
  • Hague Blue:
      A dramatic blue with green undertones, Hague Blue creates a sense of grandeur. 
  • Strong White:
      As its name suggests, Strong White is imbued with a unique power. It is capable of brightening up a room, or creating the illusion of space. Just what you need if your walls are darker in colour.
    • Duck Green: Bring nature indoors with the appealing Duck Green. Subdued yet chic, this understated shade will look good in any room in the house. 
    • Skimming Stone: Strong and sophisticated, Skimming Stone adds worth wherever it is placed. Pair it with darker colours for a winning combination. 
  • Stiffkey Blue:
    By parts contemporary and traditional, Stiffkey Blue is nothing if not versatile. Add it to your radiator for an upbeat feel and refreshing tone. 

Choose Trads For Traditional Cast Iron Radiators 

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog about how Farrow & Ball paint colours can be used in partnership with our heating solutions. 

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