Heating A Period Property

Posted: Friday, March 3, 2023

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If you live in a period property, know someone who does, or you are considering purchasing one, you may already be aware that they can be difficult to heat. Fortunately, our Cast Iron Radiators are perfect for this job!

period property

Why Is It Difficult To Heat A Period Property

There are many reasons why older properties are more difficult to heat, some of the most common problems are:

Insulation - Pre-1930s properties tend to have a very specific construction type, which makes them slightly tricky to insulate, particularly in terms of wall insulation.

Drafty Windows - Original windows may be a beautiful feature but they can let drafts in and tend to be single-glazed. There are also often restrictions around changing them.

Chimneys - An open fire is a warm and inviting sight, but drafts can come blowing down the chimney when it’s unlit.

Original Floors - Original flooring is another feature that shows off period charm, however, they can be very chilly in winter.

Single Brick Walls - Being built with single brick walls can result in up to 11 times more heat loss than modern builds.

High Ceilings - High ceilings make for a beautiful space, but all that open air makes a period property tricky to heat.

With all these factors cooling down your home, it’s important that you have radiators that are up to the task of keeping the temperature stable!

Why Choose A Trads Cast Iron Radiator?

Our Radiators are particularly efficient as we use only the highest grade of Cast Iron available, making them the ideal choice for your period property. Using such high-quality materials means that our models have a significantly higher thermal mass than standard radiators.

Thermal mass describes the ability of a material to absorb, store and release heat. Cast Iron can absorb lots of heat whilst your central heating is on and then continue to release this slowly even after the heating is switched off. This means that your home will stay at a steady temperature even though no more energy is being used!

As well as being able to perform their job effectively, our Cast Iron Radiators are also ideal for older properties as their classic style matches that of the building. Basic, steel models will not tie in with the house, disrupting your interior design vision.

Alternative Energy Sources

Whilst the appearance of our radiators is classic, the way they work is very modern! All of our models are compatible with alternative energy sources, such as ground and air source pumps. These are more eco-friendly, last longer, require less maintenance and are safer than combustion-based heating systems! Visit our recent blog to find out more about them!

Get In Touch

Are you ready to upgrade the heating in your period property? Then head over to our website to design your model today! Alternatively, you could select a radiator from our ready-made range.

If you have any questions about our products you may find the answer in our FAQs, how-to videos or you can call our friendly staff on 01400 263320.

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