Classic Vs. Contemporary Radiators

Posted: Friday, September 8, 2023

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Traditional and contemporary interior design approaches can shape the atmosphere of a living space. Classic features such as rich colours, intricate patterns and ornate details exude a sense of history that pays homage to past eras. This style is a popular choice for historical properties with deep-rooted character where the aim is to preserve the authenticity and charm of the space. Modern design aligns itself more with clean lines and minimalism, creating a sleek and uncluttered ambience. Cast Iron contemporary radiators can serve as a bridge between the two styles - their timeless structure harks back to bygone periods, yet their heating technology aligns with today’s energy-efficiency standards. With over 10,000 colour and finish options, Trads’ Radiators are suitable for homes of every style.

Contemporary Radiators

Traditional Radiators 

Cast Iron Radiators

Cast Iron Radiators date back to 1841 and many of their design features and manufacturing processes are still used to create today’s models. By definition they are more traditional in their aesthetic, however, Contemporary Radiators can be built using the same methods. If classic design best suits a property, Trads’ elegantly detailed Rococo range and Art Nouveau-inspired Liberty Column radiators are invitingly nostalgic. 

Victorian Cast Iron Radiators

Trads are the experts in Victorian Cast Iron Radiator replicas. The Victorians were the first to exchange fireplaces for radiators, bringing in a new era of home heating. Due to this, Cast Iron Radiators are a must when adopting an authentic period design in Victorian housing. All of Trads’ Victorian Radiators are available in a choice of heights, column designs and finishes, including bare metal, hand-burnished and custom painted. 

Contemporary Radiators

Modern Cast Iron Radiators

Trads’ Contemporary Radiators blend modern aesthetic with traditional Cast Iron column design. Using 21st-century heating technology, every model heats the home efficiently, meeting modern day standards. The Rathmell 2 exhibits Edwardian styling with a modern twist, its height making it perfect for hallways and landings, whereas the graceful curves of the Princess Radiator make it a beautiful element of any room. 

Anthracite Designer Radiators 

Anthracite is a type of coal but when referencing radiators, it refers to their signature dark grey colour. Their simple, slim design makes them one of Trads’ most popular ranges. Anthracite Radiators perfectly round off historical, modern and industrial settings. Available in a range of heights and widths, they can be used to make a statement or subtly blend into the background.

Experiment With Colour

Trads’ design process offers the freedom to blend classic features from times gone by with bright, bold paintwork and modern wall stays, valves and pipe shrouds. This exciting twist generates contemporary radiators from traditional designs. To view daring experiments with design and colour, visit the website or arrange a Factory Tour

Get In Touch

Whether custom designing a radiator from scratch or opting for a ready-made model, Trads have models for every style of home. To find the perfect Cast Iron Radiator for any space, browse the Trads gallery, download a brochure or visit the showroom, Monday to Friday. Call 01400 263320 or email for further enquiries. 

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