Choosing The Perfect Art Nouveau Radiator

Posted: Friday, September 1, 2023

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Art Nouveau Radiator models bridge the gap between utility and design. Exquisite detail combines with function, providing a beautiful focal point as well as efficient heating. Trads produce a wide range of Cast Iron Radiators that encapsulate the celebrated art movement and make a striking addition to any room. With over 10,000 colours and a range of finishes to choose from, each radiator can be adapted to suit a variety of settings, from stately homes to industrial buildings. 

Art Nouveau Radiator

What Is Art Nouveau?

Art Nouveau was a captivating artistic movement that emerged in the late 19th-century. It is best characterised by its undulating asymmetrical lines used to celebrate organic forms and nature’s delicate curves, marking a departure from the rigidity of preceding artistic styles. As industrialisation advanced and mass production became more prevalent, there was a growing desire to reconnect with handcrafted products and the natural world. Artists broke free from the confines of academic art and sought inspiration from the shapes and flowing lines of nature. The influence of Japanese art and its emphasis on asymmetry and intricate detailing, as well as the discovery of new materials and techniques, further fuelled the movement’s emergence. Cast Iron was used to produce popular Art Nouveau Radiator designs, many of which Trads recreate today. 

Art Nouveau Radiator Models 


Featuring dragonflies meandering between delicate flowers, this classic design brings a subtle touch of nature indoors. The Dragonfly encapsulates an era that fused intricate form with practical function.  

Liberty Radiator

Striking motifs embellishing each column make this model a stylish addition to any room. This Art Nouveau Radiator showcases timeless design and expert craftsmanship. View examples of different colours and finishes of the Liberty Radiator via our website. 


The ornate design weaving the length of each column is a testament to the era’s dedication to artistic expression and meticulous detailing. The Orleans makes an attractive centrepiece that complements traditional and contemporary interior design. 

Why Choose Trads? 

Trads design, manufacture and finish radiators here in the UK. Starting as a detailed, in-house CAD drawing, each Art Nouveau Radiator is produced in a metal casting factory known as a foundry. Molten iron is poured into a CNC-machined cast before being painted and finished to the highest standard.  

With a commitment to excellence in both craftsmanship and customer service, every model comes with a lifetime guarantee. This warranty demonstrates a durability and robust design that can be relied upon for generations to come. Trads produce a diverse range of radiators that incorporate 19th and 20th-century art movements into their design. From the flowing lines of Art Nouveau to the geometric shapes of Art Deco, there is a Cast Iron Radiator design for every home. 

Call 01400 263320 or email for enquiries, or browse through the FAQ page to learn more about Trads’ products, colour matching and installation. To view the complete range, download a brochure, browse the online gallery or book a showroom and factory tour.

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