Rathmell 4 column in hand burnished finish

Rathmell 4 column in hand burnished finish

Rathmell 4 Column Cast Iron Radiator

All our cast iron radiators come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Available in 3 heights: 460mm, 665mm, 810mm

From £36.00 per section.

Rathmell 4 Column 810Mm Roberson Steel Grey

Rathmell 4 Column 810Mm Roberson Steel Grey

Our radiators are available in any desired colour or finish. Our specialised artisan finishes are as follows:

  • 144 5 End Hand Burnished
  • 144 5 End Satin Polished

Other specialised Trads colours and finishes are shown below. Swatches are available for these 12 colours

  • 144 1 End Ancient Breeze
  • 144 2 End Buttermilk
  • 144 3 End Foundry Grey
  • 144 4 End French Grey
  • 144 6 End Graphite Grey
  • 144 7 End Hammered Bronze
  • 144 8 End Hammered Gold
  • 144 9 End Parchment White
  • 144 10 End Primer
  • 144 6 End Satin Black
  • 144 9 End Vellum
  • 144 13 End Willow Green

Any other colour is available, for example all Farrow & Ball shades and all other recognised brands.

With our onsite paint and spray shop facilities, we can finish any radiator from a choice of over 10,000 colours and offer an expert colour matching service to attain even greater levels of customisation.

Please note that colours can vary from printed brochures and those shown on websites, we recommend a free colour swatch prior to purchase. Please contact us with your swatch request.

Rathmell 4 Column Cast Iron Radiator 800 01

Rathmell 4 Column Measurements

* per cast iron radiator section.

460 150 300 110 180 63 201 59 4.2kg
665 150 498 112 170 63 289 85 5.7kg
810 150 640 115 180 62 350 102 7.35kg

To calculate the British Thermal Units (BTU's) required to heat your room please use our Heat Output (BTU) Calculator

Ask the average person to think of the quintessential cast iron radiator, and what they’ll conjure up in their imagination will be the Rathmell 4 Column. 

First developed during the Edwardian period, the Rathmell embodies the broad swathes of artistic changes that occurred during this period, taking the intricate detailing of the Victorian era and paring it back to create a radiator which features sleek, linear lines and a gently curved top. 

Featuring cast iron feet which are seamlessly incorporated into the body of the radiator, along with a delicately shaped and curved inner arch, the Rathmell 4 Column represents the definitive cast iron radiator design - embodying stylistic flourishes which are truly timeless.

Available in three heights (460mm, 665mm, 810mm) there’s bound to be a Rathmell 4 Column suitable for your home.

Crafted with love in Lincolnshire

Unlike many cast iron radiators on the market, the Rathmell 4 Column is designed and finished right here in the UK.

From our workshop nestled in the Lincolnshire countryside, the Rathmell 4 Column begins its life as a CAD design, creating an incredibly accurate visualisation of the radiator. 

Following this, the Rathmell 4 Column is cast in a high-quality CNC mould to the highest possible tolerances. The casting process has been honed over decades and begins with the smelting of iron ore (known as ilmenite). As the ore breaks down, this releases the iron which is then poured into the cast.

This cast is lovingly recreated from the original castings, creating a cast iron radiator which is exceptionally well formed and true to its Edwardian roots. 

From there it’s time to paint or finish the radiator - and that’s where you come in…

A kaleidoscope of colours

There’s a good reason that the Rathmell 4 Column is found everywhere from stately homes to luxury flats, boutique hotels and elsewhere. 

It’s enormously customisable. 

In terms of colours alone, the Rathmell 4 Column can be painted in any one of over 10,000 colours

When we say painted, we mean the very best paint too. At Trads we’ve teamed up with some of the world’s leading-paint producers such as Little Greene, Roberson’s Liquid Metal, Farrow & Ball and Cromadex. 

You can also select from our range of Trads Traditional Colours, or even have your Rathmell 4 Colour matched to a colour of your choice using our RAL colour range.

At Trads we go beyond colours too. The Rathmell 4 Column is available in a range of beautiful finishes including patina finishes, hand burnished, satin polish, highlight polish and more. 

The guarantee of a lifetime

Before any Rathmell 4 Column leaves our workshop, it goes through a 60 step quality assurance process adhering to ISO 9001, with our master craftsmen also carefully visually inspecting every radiator. 

Each and every Rathmell 4 Column cast iron radiator goes through in-depth pressure testing too, to ensure it will provide a lifetime of service. 

To top everything off, every Rathmell 4 Column radiator comes with a lifetime guarantee

Trads: the home of cast iron radiators UK

There’s no better place to buy a cast iron radiator than Trads. If you have any questions about the Rathmell 4 Column, then the Trads team is more than happy to help.

You can reach them on 01400 263320 or at: sales@tradscastironradiators.co.uk

Rathmell 4 Column Radiator Range Information Table

Model No. Height Width
(inc. bushes)
(from wall)
(ΔT 50°)
Price From
(inc. VAT in Primer)
Build Radiator
TBK072/073 460mm 223mm 180mm 603 £108.00
TBK072/073 460mm 286mm 180mm 804 £144.00
TBK072/073 460mm 349mm 180mm 1005 £180.00
TBK072/073 460mm 412mm 180mm 1206 £216.00
TBK072/073 460mm 475mm 180mm 1407 £252.00
TBK072/073 460mm 538mm 180mm 1608 £288.00
TBK072/073 460mm 601mm 180mm 1809 £324.00
TBK072/073 460mm 664mm 180mm 2010 £360.00
TBK072/073 460mm 727mm 180mm 2211 £396.00
TBK072/073 460mm 790mm 180mm 2412 £432.00
TBK072/073 460mm 853mm 180mm 2613 £468.00
TBK072/073 460mm 916mm 180mm 2814 £504.00
TBK072/073 460mm 979mm 180mm 3015 £540.00
TBK072/073 460mm 1042mm 180mm 3216 £576.00
TBK072/073 460mm 1105mm 180mm 3417 £612.00
TBK072/073 460mm 1168mm 180mm 3618 £648.00
TBK072/073 460mm 1231mm 180mm 3819 £684.00
TBK072/073 460mm 1294mm 180mm 4020 £720.00
TBK072/073 460mm 1357mm 180mm 4221 £756.00
TBK072/073 460mm 1420mm 180mm 4422 £792.00
TBK072/073 460mm 1483mm 180mm 4623 £828.00
TBK072/073 460mm 1546mm 180mm 4824 £864.00
TBK072/073 460mm 1609mm 180mm 5025 £900.00
TBK072/073 460mm 1672mm 180mm 5226 £936.00
TBK072/073 460mm 1735mm 180mm 5427 £972.00
TBK072/073 460mm 1798mm 180mm 5628 £1008.00
TBK072/073 460mm 1861mm 180mm 5829 £1044.00
TBK072/073 460mm 1924mm 180mm 6030 £1080.00
Model No. Height Width
(inc. bushes)
(from wall)
(ΔT 50°)
Price From
(inc. VAT in Primer)
Build Radiator
TBK067/068 665mm 223mm 170mm 867 £119.99
TBK067/068 665mm 286mm 170mm 1156 £159.98
TBK067/068 665mm 349mm 170mm 1445 £199.98
TBK067/068 665mm 412mm 170mm 1734 £239.98
TBK067/068 665mm 475mm 170mm 2023 £279.97
TBK067/068 665mm 538mm 170mm 2312 £319.97
TBK067/068 665mm 601mm 170mm 2601 £359.96
TBK067/068 665mm 664mm 170mm 2890 £399.96
TBK067/068 665mm 727mm 170mm 3179 £439.96
TBK067/068 665mm 790mm 170mm 3468 £479.95
TBK067/068 665mm 853mm 170mm 3757 £519.95
TBK067/068 665mm 916mm 170mm 4046 £559.94
TBK067/068 665mm 979mm 170mm 4335 £599.94
TBK067/068 665mm 1042mm 170mm 4624 £639.94
TBK067/068 665mm 1105mm 170mm 4913 £679.93
TBK067/068 665mm 1168mm 170mm 5202 £719.93
TBK067/068 665mm 1231mm 170mm 5491 £759.92
TBK067/068 665mm 1294mm 170mm 5780 £799.92
TBK067/068 665mm 1357mm 170mm 6069 £839.92
TBK067/068 665mm 1420mm 170mm 6358 £879.91
TBK067/068 665mm 1483mm 170mm 6647 £919.91
TBK067/068 665mm 1546mm 170mm 6936 £959.90
TBK067/068 665mm 1609mm 170mm 7225 £999.90
TBK067/068 665mm 1672mm 170mm 7514 £1039.90
TBK067/068 665mm 1735mm 170mm 7803 £1079.89
TBK067/068 665mm 1798mm 170mm 8092 £1119.89
TBK067/068 665mm 1861mm 170mm 8381 £1159.88
TBK067/068 665mm 1924mm 170mm 8670 £1199.88
Model No. Height Width
(inc. bushes)
(from wall)
(ΔT 50°)
Price From
(inc. VAT in Primer)
Build Radiator
TBK074/075 810mm 220mm 180mm 1050 £153.00
TBK074/075 810mm 282mm 180mm 1400 £204.00
TBK074/075 810mm 344mm 180mm 1750 £255.00
TBK074/075 810mm 406mm 180mm 2100 £306.00
TBK074/075 810mm 468mm 180mm 2450 £357.00
TBK074/075 810mm 530mm 180mm 2800 £408.00
TBK074/075 810mm 592mm 180mm 3150 £459.00
TBK074/075 810mm 654mm 180mm 3500 £510.00
TBK074/075 810mm 716mm 180mm 3850 £561.00
TBK074/075 810mm 778mm 180mm 4200 £612.00
TBK074/075 810mm 840mm 180mm 4550 £663.00
TBK074/075 810mm 902mm 180mm 4900 £714.00
TBK074/075 810mm 964mm 180mm 5250 £765.00
TBK074/075 810mm 1026mm 180mm 5600 £816.00
TBK074/075 810mm 1088mm 180mm 5950 £867.00
TBK074/075 810mm 1150mm 180mm 6300 £918.00
TBK074/075 810mm 1212mm 180mm 6650 £969.00
TBK074/075 810mm 1274mm 180mm 7000 £1020.00
TBK074/075 810mm 1336mm 180mm 7350 £1071.00
TBK074/075 810mm 1398mm 180mm 7700 £1122.00
TBK074/075 810mm 1460mm 180mm 8050 £1173.00
TBK074/075 810mm 1522mm 180mm 8400 £1224.00
TBK074/075 810mm 1584mm 180mm 8750 £1275.00
TBK074/075 810mm 1646mm 180mm 9100 £1326.00
TBK074/075 810mm 1708mm 180mm 9450 £1377.00
TBK074/075 810mm 1770mm 180mm 9800 £1428.00
TBK074/075 810mm 1832mm 180mm 10150 £1479.00
TBK074/075 810mm 1894mm 180mm 10500 £1530.00

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