Why You Should Consider Purchasing Steel Radiators

Posted: Thursday, May 19, 2022

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Even as the weather gets warmer, heating your home can be a challenge on chilly nights. You are looking for something with a terrific output and high efficiency, which can keep you comfortable for a long period of time without using much energy, whilst complementing your existing interior and adding an element of class. 

Steel radiators are bursting with such advantages and are an exceptionally convincing candidate for your new heating device. 

Reach New Climbs With Steel Radiators

We are well aware of the impressive appearance of our period-style cast-iron radiators, with their multiple columns and intricate embellishment. Unfortunately, a traditional model is hardly suitable for those who live in a flat or up a flight of stairs. 

Introducing steel radiators, the ideal alternative. No matter the layout of your home, you can choose the perfect contemporary or Victorian styled radiator with our lightweight steel products.

If you’re looking for a similar style to our cast-iron range, then our column radiators are for you, connecting from top to base in a single section in a traditional design. Our range of steel radiators also come in many different shades, complementing any interior. Choose from a spectrum of colours to suit your existing furnishings, from dark anthracite to red, blue, yellow and green!

The best of it is that our steel column radiators are 30% lighter than the cast iron design they imitate and easy to transport upstairs. Simple installation is another advantage that shows steel radiators off to their advantage, alongside their durability and energy efficiency.

Harness The Heat In Your Home

Purchasing steel radiators is a strategic move, especially after the increase in household energy bills. Research shows that replacing existing radiators with modern energy efficient versions could save as much as £135 off your annual bill, so shave off that extra money by investing in a steel product. 

These radiators are of a lighter density, meaning that it takes less time to reach a hotter temperature. Additionally, since steel is one of the most effective conductors, your radiator will continue to emanate warmth long after you choose to switch the heating off. Therefore you can heat your home to the same level while paying for less heating, a sound money-saving tactic.

Steadfast Steel 

With melting ice caps and rising sea levels worldwide, climate change consciousness is one of the key factors influencing our customers in their search for a suitable radiator. 

At Trads, we’re working to reduce emissions and save resources by creating more efficient radiators. For example, the low-carbon steel that we use to manufacture our radiators ensures that they are durable and long-lasting, helped by the fact steel is a non-ferrous material and unlikely to rust. A steel radiator will not require replacing for a long time, meaning that fewer resources will be mined in order to manufacture our products, putting less strain on the environment. 

Furthermore, our steel radiators come with an efficient heat-insulation capacity that will help you to consume less energy and contribute less to environmental damage. In general, they are functional and efficient, a column radiator for the modern day, and suitable for combination and tank-fed boilers.

Check Out Our Steel Radiators At Trads

We have all 21 of our finest steel radiators to choose from on our website here, whatever your preference or budget. 

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