Which Radiator Style is Best?

Posted: Wednesday, October 7, 2020

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When it comes to picking the perfect radiator for your home, it helps to know which type and style work best in each room.

This isn’t always easy to know if you’re buying a radiator for the first time or you want a complete restyle of a certain room to freshen it up. When it comes to choosing a radiator design, you can go down the modern approach or something more traditional and vintage. But which one is best for you and your home?

Well, Trads is here to explain the types of radiator you can choose from with us, where they fit best and how you can style them…

What are the styles of radiators I can choose?

Style is the name of the game for modern radiators, as homeowners no longer simply look for efficient and space-saving heaters. You should consider shape early on. For example, ladder designs and rail are ideal for hanging towels in bathrooms and while contemporary vertical designs look best in a kitchen or area with limited space.

Powder-coated or painted radiators are and make the perfect feature for a room as opposed to the standard white or monochrome choices. More luxurious radiators can come with a higher price tag and an easier installation. However, when it comes to choosing a style and design of radiator, the room it will go in is especially important.

Best Radiators for Each Room

When choosing a radiator for your home the first question you should ask yourself is “which room will the radiator be placed in?”.

It may not be obvious, but not all radiators are suited to every room. So, answering this question first will help you filter out the radiator options which you won’t need in a certain space. You can then move on and decide the best radiators for your chosen room.

We’ve picked out the best types and styles of radiator for the main rooms of your home, including the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and hallway. We’ve picked some alternative styles, such as coloured radiators because they can be placed anywhere.

Column Radiators

If you’re looking to add or to retain period charm in your home but not fully vintage, a column radiator with a traditional feel is well worth considering.

Similar in style to cast-iron radiators that originally came from the Victorian era, these more modern models keep the look but can provide more heat efficiency than their predecessors. Column radiators are functional and efficient, suitable for tank-fed and combination boilers.

Available in stunning styles, our column radiators can be finished in crisp white, dark anthracite and even red or blue so you can match your decor with ease. Plus, the low-carbon steel ensures they are durable and long-lasting.

Vertical Column Radiators

Vertically-hung radiators make a statement while achieving the job of providing heat in a room with limited space - a kitchen or bathroom.

Vertical radiators are available in a range of colours and styles which fit into limited wall spaces, and make a creative alternative to more traditional long designs. In a smaller room, these take up less space, leaving room for more fixtures and furnishings.

Vertical radiators can be a piece of statement décor, especially if you choose a bold design to break up the traditional texture of the wall. At Trads, you can even find a steel column radiator available in red or blue, as well as whites and greys.

Heated Towel Rails

Drying towels and adding extra warmth into your bathroom with a towel radiator can be easy and stylish.

If you’d rather have something different to all the contemporary towel radiators, then a traditional towel radiator is for you. Our traditional heated towel rails combine classic Victorian styling with modern technology.

You can choose either a wall-mounted rail or a rail with an integral traditional bathroom radiator set in the middle. Each one will look stunning in any traditionally-styled bathroom with complementing bathroom accessories.

Decorative Radiators

Handmade by expert craftsmen here in the UK, we are proud to present a stunning selection of decorative cast iron radiators.

Like column radiators, these feature gorgeous ornate detailing and elegant column designs. Ideal for anyone who prefers the look and feel of fancy radiators over plain alternatives, our ornate radiators are inspired by authentic period pieces.

We feature only the best quality ornate and decorative radiators for your home. From our authentic designs, you can build your perfect radiator section by section in a wide variety of colours - from burnished or polished metal to custom painting.

Cast Iron Radiators

At Trads, we are experts in creating stunning replica Victorian radiators. All crafted by our experts here in the UK and based on authentic designs to bring real character to your home.

All of our Victorian cast iron radiators are also available in a choice of colours and finishes, from bare metal, hand-burnished and polished, to custom painted colours.

Today’s replica Victorian cast iron radiators are just as efficient as you would hope them to be in a modern home. As they are made from heavy and dense metal, they retain heat for a long period of time, continuing to give off heat long after your heating system has turned off.

Which radiator types for which room?

Not all radiators will work in every room in your home, as there are various types of central heating radiators.


A heated towel rail for installation within a bathroom is ideal. You can store towels on them, keep towels warm while you are showering or in the bath and they’re available in a huge range of sizes and designs.

Most bathrooms are quite small so don’t go over the top when it comes to heat output. Small spaces can heat up quickly. A vertical column radiator also works well here if you have limited wall space. Plus, they won’t protrude as much as a towel radiator.


Like the bathroom, your kitchen can feel a bit cool at times with laminate or tiled floors, especially if you don't have the right heating.

So, again like the bathroom, you can get away with installing vertical radiators in them because they provide more than enough heat without taking up much wall space. Plus, they look great and can be another statement piece in your kitchen.


As you’re unlikely to have many guests dropping into your bedroom, spending a lot of money on a designer or decorative radiator may not be the best option.

Column or modern cast-iron radiators will perform just as well and will seriously reduce your purchasing costs in comparison to a model that puts decor first. They aren’t stylish but they perform faultlessly, which is the most important thing when warming a bedroom.

Living Room

The living, like your kitchen, is somewhere that you’ll entertain people. So, unless you’re on a budget, we wouldn’t suggest plain radiators here, make a statement with bold colours and decorative designs.

Decorative radiators can create a real focal point while still providing more than enough heat. Coloured radiators, like those you’ll find with our steel column radiators and ready-made radiators, make a true statement with bold shades of blue, red, gold and purple to name a few.

Is it time you updated your radiators? Here at Trads, we have an excellent range of beautiful cast iron and steel radiators to update your home with!

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