The Best Cast Iron Radiators UK

Posted: Thursday, May 27, 2021

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Here in the UK, the vast majority of us are keenly aware of the importance of having an efficient and reliable central heating system in our homes. Of course, a decent boiler is a key part in ensuring this, but so too is your choice of radiators, and that’s when the best cast iron radiators in the UK should be considered.

What Is A Cast Iron Radiator And Why Are They So Valuable?

Cast iron radiators date back to 1841 and many of the design and manufacturing methods from around this time are still used today.

A huge advantage of a cast iron radiator is its ability to hold and store heat. With this unrivalled heat retention, you can actually switch off a cast iron radiator once it has reached a desired temperature and still enjoy its heat for hours to come.

For some individuals, this efficient heat retention is the biggest and main advantage of a cast iron radiator. For many others, the style, quality and lifespan of cast iron radiators is what makes them so valuable.

Trads (The Traditional Radiator Company) is proud to supply the very best cast iron radiators across the UK.

What Makes Trads’ Cast Iron Radiators The Best?

Here at Trads, we specialise in a truly unique form of heating, combining the character and grace of the past, with the design, functionality and practicality that’s required in the modern era.

Craftsmanship is crucial to our success, and our highly skilled and experienced team utilises the very finest materials available to fashion extremely refined, practical works of art.

We offer an extensive range of top-quality cast iron radiators, featuring many stunning designs and styles, from the classic Victorian to the striking Verona, and from the sleek Duchess to the distinct Chelsea.

All of our cast iron radiators are made to order and fully bespoke. Once a particular style, its height and number of sections has been selected, our customers have the choice of colour or finish.

We offer an almost limitless variety of colour and finishing options, including specialised artisan finishes such as Antiqued French Grey and Hand Burnished. With our onsite paint and spray shop facilities, we are able to finish any radiator in a choice of over 10,000 colours!

Free UK Mainland Delivery And Lifetime Guarantee

We appreciate that your radiators are an investment and that’s why, when purchasing through Trads, they really can last a lifetime.

We’re proud to offer our Lifetime Guarantee with all of our radiators and free UK mainland delivery on orders over £449 (exclusions apply).

You can access our full range of cast iron radiators, and the colour/finish options available, on our website. Also, subscribe to our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest channels for the very latest news and updates. 

Please contact us for any further information and with any questions you may have.



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