Sneak A Peek Behind The Scenes With Our Showroom And Factory Tour

Posted: Thursday, May 5, 2022

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We are eager to share with you the secrets of our beautiful cast iron radiators, masterfully crafted in Lincolnshire. We invite you to take a look behind the scenes with our showroom and factory tour.

Why You Should Embark On A Factory Tour

Factory tours were all the rage in the 1920s, where members of the public flocked to see new products being made with cutting-edge machinery. Over one hundred years later, we still have some of that fascination with what happens in the workshop or on the assembly line; factory tours are being offered all over Britain. You can watch anything being made, from cars to glass and even cheese. 

Some factories offering tours have almost reinvented themselves as tourist experiences, priding themselves on their ability to entertain. At Trads, we offer an authentic tour, observing our craftsmen going about their daily work, combined with the opportunity to indulge your inner mechanic by trying your hand at assembling or painting a radiator.

Seeing With Your Own Eyes

As you traverse our 25,000 square foot factory floor, you can see with your own eyes the care and expertise that goes into making our cast iron radiators. On your factory tour, you will see preparation, assembly, polish, painting and packaging, but also the 60-step quality assurance process and the testing of individual radiators. 

Once you have finished your factory tour, you can move on to our showroom, displaying cast iron radiators in 50 styles and sizes. Get a feel for the different radiators by seeing them fitted against a wall and compare and contrast the colours and finishes. Our bespoke radiator service and 10,000 different shades enable you to design your perfect radiator from the various styles and finishes that you have seen arrayed throughout the showroom.

Who Benefits From Our Showroom And Factory Tour

Prospective buyers and mechanics enthusiasts will both have something to gain from a factory tour, whether it’s confidence in the quality of our radiators or pleasure in watching our talented employees go about their business. 

We also recommend our factory tour and our showroom to trade customers, to assure them that our products will only bolster their professional reputation and to demonstrate to them how we can add the perfect finishing touch to their projects. Architects, builders, developers, interior designers, plumbers and central heating engineers are all warmly invited to our factory tour. If they like what they see, a 10% discount is available to all trade customers - click here to apply for a Trads trade account. 

Arrange An Appointment

To arrange a showroom visit and a factory tour, please call 01400 263320 or email We are situated in Grantham in Lincolnshire - our full address is available here alongside a factory tour preview.

Browse our selection of radiators and accessories on our website, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok to see more of what we do.

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