Reduce Your Energy Bills With A Cast Iron Radiator!

Posted: Friday, September 23, 2022

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Choosing when to switch on the heating is a contentious issue in many homes, and this year it may cause even more disagreements! Due to the increasing energy bills that we are all facing, many of us may be trying to push back the day we reach for the thermostat. It is important to get an approximate idea of what you will be paying and may be helpful to find ways to lower this outgoing.

energy bills

By How Much Are My Energy Bills Increasing?

This is quite hard to say precisely as it will differ between households, but here is a brief overview, which will help you to formulate an idea of what to expect:

  • The price guarantee, starting on 1st October, for someone on typical usage will be £2,500 per year, and this will remain the same for two years.
  • The good news is that it was due to rise to £3,549, but this has been halted.
  • The bad news is that it is still a big increase from the current cap of £1,971, and a very large leap from £1,277 last winter.
  • The less you use, the less you will pay.
  • There will be a £400 payment to all homes, paid as £66 per month over winter. This will take the average down to £2,100.
  • Estimate your energy bills by multiplying your current costs by 1.065 (6.5%)
  • The average unit rates for dual-fuel customers paying by direct debit are:
    • Electricity

Unit rate: 34.00p per kWh

Standing charge: 46.36p per day

  • Gas 

Unit rate: 10.30p per kWh

Standing charge: 28.49p per day

  • However, these charges change by region and you can find out exactly what your area will pay and estimate your costs here.

Alternative Heating

The impending increase in the cost of energy bills has led many households to consider alternative ways to heat their homes…

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps have become increasingly popular across the country, with tens of thousands currently installed. In short, these take heat from outside and bring it into your home, visit this in-depth guide to learn precisely how they work, and find out whether they would be suitable for your home here.

If you would like to see how these work, you can find ours in action in our Lincolnshire-based showroom. When visiting, you can explore our wide range of products and enjoy a FREE tour of our factory.

Wood Burning/Multifuel Stoves

A wood or multifuel stove is another possible alternative. These can be used not to just heat the room that they are positioned in, but can also to heat your radiators, therefore warming your entire home. Learn more about this option here.

If you are exploring alternative heating options, you will be glad to know that all of our Cast Iron Radiators are designed to work perfectly with them! This makes them the ideal way to add some classic style to your home whilst simultaneously saving money on your energy bills.

The Benefits Of Cast Iron 

Cast Iron is well known for its impressive heat retention, which is why it’s an ideal material for cookware, baths and radiators. It is able to hold heat so effectively due to its thermal mass.

Thermal mass describes the ability of a material to absorb, store and release heat. Other examples of materials with high thermal mass are concrete, bricks and tiles, whereas timber and cloth have low thermal mass.

Many homes are heated using standard steel radiators. Whilst these can be effective, they have a considerably lower thermal mass than their Cast Iron counterparts. Our radiators hold a huge amount of heat, which gently spreads through any space and keeps it at a comfortable temperature long after the heating has been switched off. This can result in lower energy bills!

Purchase Your Cast Iron Radiator To Reduce Energy Bills

Are you ready to save money with the help of our Cast Iron radiators? Then visit our website! Here you can browse our ready-made models, or design your own!

Should you need some inspiration, you can download or order our free catalogue, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok.

If you have any questions or queries about our products, you can call us on 01400 263320 or email us at

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