Ready-Made Radiators With Next Day Delivery

Posted: Friday, December 15, 2023

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Trads is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Cast Iron Radiators in the UK. Models are built to order in our workshop and onsite paint facility by a team of expert engineers. This enables the buyer to order a precise size, style and finish. However, ready-made radiators eliminate manufacturing times and can be delivered the following day. 

ready-made radiators

High-Quality Ready-Made Radiators

Unlike many modern radiators, Trads’ Cast Iron models are not mass-produced by machines. This means that our range of ready-made radiators has undergone the same hands-on manufacturing process as made-to-order models. Radiator sections are sand cast, then fettled to minimise imperfections. Each piece is primed and painted with highly durable paint. Highlighting or hand-burnishing adds a subtle sheen and texture, contributing to the radiator’s individuality. Radiators are assembled by hand to maintain the highest standards and ensure each section undergoes quality control. Every radiator is pressure tested before being boxed and protected. 

Variety Of Designs And Sizes 

The size and quantity of radiators per room generate a heat output. A British Thermal Unit (BTU) is a measurement of thermal energy used to decipher how much heat is required to heat a room. Trads’ BTU calculator helps to determine how many radiator sections will be needed to sufficiently heat a space. Once the required size of the radiator has been established, visit the Trads website to filter ready-made radiators by height, width and price preferences to view all available models. 

Victorian Models

Traditional Cast Iron Radiators use a classic column design to provide a timeless heating solution. The Victorian 4 Column beautifully complements period décor, however, its sleek design also makes it a fitting addition to more modern settings. 

Contemporary Finish

With clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, contemporary Cast Iron Radiators, such as the Narrow Eton 1 Column, bring a modern touch to interiors. Its design aligns with diverse decor schemes, making it a popular model in contemporary living spaces.  

Ornate Designs

Decorative radiator models feature elaborate designs, intricate motifs and dramatic curves. The Ornate 2 Column and Antoinette 1 Column create interesting focal points, giving the room a refined, almost regal feel. 

Industrial Settings 

The Churchill 1 Column and Dutchess 4 Column channel a chunky, urban aesthetic perfectly suited to industrial-style spaces and edgy interiors. Bold in presence, these models create eye-catching centrepieces that enhance the visual impact of their surroundings. 


Premade models are available for dispatch the following day. Free UK mainland delivery applies to models priced at a minimum of £499 inc. VAT with orders received by midday. Trads have a wide variety of products ready to ship, including Cast Iron Radiators and accessories. Visit our website to discover our diverse range of radiator valves, pipe shrouds, wall stays, bleed nipples and electric heating elements

Visit The Trads’ Showroom

To view Trads’ ready-made radiators and see how they're made, visit our showroom and factory. To arrange an appointment, call 01400 263320 or email Browse our website to see our complete range of premade radiators or download our brochure to view our extensive made-to-order options.  

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