Is Painting A Radiator A Good Idea?

Posted: Friday, May 24, 2024

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Despite their traditional design roots, cast iron radiators perfectly complement both heritage and contemporary properties. Trads’ radiators are available in over 10,000 colours and finishes, ensuring a perfect match for every interior design vision. When redecorating, painting a radiator may refresh its appearance and harmonise it with the new colour scheme. Understanding the process helps to weigh the options between a solo DIY project or enlisting the expertise of a professional.

Is Painting A Radiator A Good Idea?

Repairing A Scratch 

Painting a radiator scratch is a quick and simple job. Firstly, sand down the affected area with fine sandpaper or a Scotch-Brite pad to smooth away any rough spots. Then, give it a good wipe with a clean cloth to get rid of any leftover debris. Use the touch-up paint that comes with every Trads’ cast iron radiator order to cover up the scratch. Apply the paint in layers, letting each coat dry properly before adding the next one. Keep at it until you're satisfied that the scratch is hidden and your radiator looks as good as new.

Painting A Radiator At Home

For a flawless paint job on your radiator, it needs to be removed from the wall. This ensures a sleek, professional finish without the hindrance of it being attached. While removal is relatively straightforward, it is important to research the process to avoid potential leaks or water damage. Leaving the radiator attached risks paint splatters on surrounding walls, skirting boards and furnishings. 

Cast iron radiators require a specific type of paint. Using ordinary household paint is a recipe for disaster, as the constant heating and cooling of the radiator will cause expansion and cracking. This allows dirt to penetrate, leading to discolouration and eventual cracking. Instead, opt for a high-quality, heat-resistant radiator paint, preferably available in spray form for a superior finish. In some cases, particularly with older cast iron models, painting a radiator may mean stripping it back to bare metal for a full respray. This process involves laborious sanding followed by priming with a specialist radiator primer to ensure a smooth finish. If any of these steps sound challenging, we recommend hiring a professional to remove, paint and reattach your radiator. 

Painting A Radiator In Our Factory

Trads’ cast iron radiators come in over 10,000 colours and finishes. Every radiator undergoes a precise painting process in our factory to ensure a flawless end product. Firstly, each section is primed to provide a solid foundation and then an even coverage is achieved by painting a radiator section with a sprayer. Once dry, the radiator is hand-assembled using high-quality seals and connectors. They undergo a rigorous testing process and then receive a final round of painting to ensure an immaculate finish before they leave our facility. 

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Before painting a radiator, decide whether it’s worth hiring a professional. Avoiding leaks and paint splatters may save you time, money and effort in the long run! If you’re looking to replace a model, Trads’ cast iron radiators offer timeless elegance and boundless versatility. With over 10,000 colours and finishes to choose from, they can be manufactured to suit any interior. Customise radiators to match exact colour schemes, ensuring perfect integration in any home. Visit our website to explore our full collection or contact us for assistance with enquiries. 

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