How We Test Our Radiators?

Posted: Monday, January 18, 2016

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Ornate cast iron radiator in hand burnished finishA question we often get asked is: “How do Trads test your radiators?” or “How will I know they will be safe in my property?”.

The quick answer would be: we test our radiator quite extensively to ensure that there are no leaks and that they are safe for use. We are also proud to say all our radiator conform to British Standards (BS:EN 442-2) and we have been awarded the ISO:9001 accreditation for Quality Management.

Testing in more detail

We are confident that our comprehensive period of testing is more than suitable to assess any potential weakness in the casting of each individual section and the connections of complete cast iron radiators.

Once the assembly is complete and the assembly inspection is passed, the radiator/s are carefully transferred to our bespoke water and air testing station. Here, trained operatives put the radiator through a series rigorous pressure tests. The total time of high pressure testing exceeds more than 24 hours, the pressure that is used is at a rate well beyond that of normal water pressure found in the UK.

High Standards

The reason for such thorough testing is to ensure each and every radiator more than meets the requirements that are expected and exceeds the high level of standards that we impose on ourselves. On the rare occasion that a radiator or sections fail, the failed sections are discarded and radiators are re-built with new sections.

Once passed they return to the paint team to complete the ‘Double Painted Method’.

If you’d like to know more please contact one of the team on 0808 1785 533.

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