How To Finish Our Beautiful Radiators

Posted: Friday, November 4, 2022

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With over 10,000 different colour and finish options available, it can be difficult to choose how to finish our beautiful radiators. With so many fantastic options, selecting just one may seem overwhelming. Therefore, we thought we would help by putting together a list of the most popular choices. Read on to discover our top ten, as chosen by our customers.

beautiful radiators

Painting Our Cast Iron Radiators

Before we take you through the top ten colour and finish options for our beautiful radiators, we thought we would briefly explain the painting process.

Firstly, the individual sections are prepped and sprayed before being assembled to your specification, depending on how many sections you have chosen. The amount of sections you need will depend on the space you are warming - you need an adequate amount of BTUs to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. You can learn more about this and use our FREE BTU calculator on our website. The radiators are then rigorously tested for quality and safety, and finally over sprayed.

All of this is done in our Lincolnshire-based factory, allowing us to ensure that our high standards are met throughout the process. Should you wish to learn more about how your radiators are made, you can book an appointment for a FREE tour of this facility! Here, you can also visit our showroom, allowing you to see a range of completed products.

Top Ten Colour And Finish Options

10 - Willow Green: A metallic grey bronze with a green undertone - semi gloss (50% gloss level)

9 - Hammered Gold: Yellow/Gold air drying paint with a hammered effect, giving it a hammered/rippled look - semi gloss (50% gloss level)

8 - Hammered Bronze: Brown air drying paint with a hammered effect, giving our beautiful radiators a hammered/rippled look - semi gloss (50% gloss level)

7 - Buttermilk: Cream/white - semi gloss (50% gloss level)

6 - F&B Pointing: Warm/neutral off-white with a red undertone - F&B Estate Eggshell (20% gloss level)

5 - Parchment White: Brilliant white - semi gloss (50% gloss level)

4 - Graphite grey: Metallic dark grey - semi gloss (50% gloss level)

3 - Satin Black: Dark matt black finish - (0% gloss level)

2 - Foundry Grey: Metallic light grey - semi gloss (50% gloss level)

1 - Hand Burnished: A polished effect, which is created in two stages.

Hand Burnishing

A hand burnished finish is the most popular way to finish our beautiful radiators! The process to create this effect differs from the painting process. Firstly, we strip the primer off each radiator section with rough, coarse ceramic stones. We then use fine, smooth stones to polish the model. These steps take approximately four hours each. The radiator is then hand-assembled and tested. Once all the tests are complete, the radiator is cleaned by hand and Duck Oil is applied.

Hand Burnishing is a time-consuming and labour-intensive process, but it creates beautiful radiators that are full of character. It is the perfect way to make your heating solution a centrepiece of any room - no wonder it is so popular!

Create Your Beautiful Radiators Today!

We hope that this article has given you some ideas about how to finish your Cast Iron Radiators. You can find more inspiration by following us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, or by downloading one of our free brochures here

If you have made your decisions and are ready to create your new radiators, then visit our easy-to-use website. Should you have any questions or queries before making your order, do not hesitate to contact us on 01400 263320. 

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