How To Assemble A Two Part Cast Iron Radiator

Posted: Thursday, August 12, 2021

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Here at Trads, The Traditional Radiator Company, we take pride in the hard work that we do to create the perfect heating solution for your home.

As well as our products being high quality, they are also built to suit your interior design needs.

This means that we can cater not only to your desired aesthetic, but we can also ensure that your radiator is the perfect size for your room and can fit in any space.

As soon as we have delivered your radiator, it is ready to set up. To get things started, we’ve created a simple step-by-step guide for you to follow, helping you to assemble your two part cast iron radiator with ease!


By following these five simple steps, you will have your house heated efficiently and stylishly: 

Remove the end-caps to allow access to the centre of the Radiator 

  • Check the direction of the screw. You will see a slightly raised groove on the end you need to start with.
  • Screw this into the radiator and add the one-time-use gasket.
  • Tighten alternating sides until the gap closes using the Radiator Assembly Tool here.
  • The bushes will tighten in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, depending on the thread.

Voila! Assembly is complete!

YouTube Tutorial  

Following these four simple steps will have your two part cast iron radiator assembled in no time. In order to ensure that you feel confident in your assembly we have also filmed a ‘how to’ video, which is available to watch below:

Hire An Installer 

If you are short on time, or still do not feel comfortable assembling your two part cast iron radiator, you could hire an installer.

There are a number of installers that we have previously used. Find one in your area by searching our website here.

Whilst these are installers that we recommend, Trads can not guarantee their work and accepts no liability. 

Trads - The Traditional Radiator Company 

Learn more about us and our products by reading our blogs. Our next blog will teach you how to change a cast iron radiator section.

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