How Cast Iron Radiators Add Value To Your Home

Posted: Friday, November 12, 2021

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The invention of the Bundy Loop in 1872 resulted in cast iron radiators becoming more efficient, which meant higher demand, increased manufacturing and therefore lower prices. Lower prices led to these heating systems becoming a common feature in homes. (If you would like to read more about the history of cast iron radiators, please see our previous blog.)

Since those early years a lot has changed. Radiators are no longer just a necessity, they can also add style to your home and enhance your interior design vision.

Interior Design

If you are in the midst of restoring or planning to take on the restoration of a period property, we would suggest that our cast iron radiators are the perfect way to complete the process. 

The style of our products suits classic homes beautifully, creating cohesion between these new, necessary elements, and the history of the building. These kinds of finishing touches can tie a home together seamlessly.

With over 10,000 colour and finish options, and paint coming from the prestigious Farrow & Ball, Roberson and Little Greene, we can supply the ideal fit for you, whether this is calm and neutral or bold and bright. Our models can be a gorgeous statement piece, perhaps in an alcove, hallway or bay window.

Further to suiting the style of a period home, our cast iron radiators typically take up less wall space (this will be based on BTU output). This means that you will be able to design your property with more storage space, an important feature for those looking to purchase new homes.

Cast iron radiators are not just suitable for period properties. We have also seen a rise in our models being fitted in modern, industrial-style urban buildings, as well as castles, schools and libraries. These not only complement the feel of the space, they can also heat larger areas more effectively. 

Allow Trads to add some extra sophistication and character to your home, potentially boosting its value in the process. 

Effective Heating And Quality

Our radiators are ideal for older properties and bigger spaces because of how well they conduct and retain heat. This is due to our commitment to only using the highest grade cast iron available. 

This quality does not only offer timeless style, but also can help to reduce your heating bills, which can be inflated in older homes or larger spaces.

Heating a home efficiently is important for buyers and will make your property much more appealing.


Putting an exact number on the extent to which cast iron radiators can add value to your home is difficult, as there are numerous factors that will affect this estimate. However, several experts at property magazines have come to the same conclusion: ‘Designer radiators WILL add value to your home.’

Best Heating suggests that the addition of cast iron radiators can add ‘up to £10,000’ to the value of your home. Other outlets suggest combining our products with other period features, such as a restored fireplace. When these things are done together, a £20,000 investment could see a return of up to £40,000.

Add Value To Your Property Today

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