Focus on: Some Of The More Unusual Radiator Finishes Trads Can Offer

Posted: Friday, July 24, 2020

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Duchess 2 column radiator

We believe that your home should be a reflection of your personality, what you love and what makes ‘you’ you.

Many people consider radiators a practical necessity, and are accepting of plain, steel models in their homes. However, we believe that the right radiator can perfectly accent a room, or even be a statement piece in its own right.

Here at Trads we can provide painted radiators in almost any colour imaginable. We offer over 10,000 colours and finishes, including those from Farrow & Ball, Roberson Liquid Metals and Little Greene. What’s more, in the rare instance that you cannot find the ideal colour for you within our collection, our expert colour matching service will allow you to specify exactly what you want. 

If you would like radiators that really stand out from the crowd, or fit a specific décor, we also offer a number of specialised, artisan finishes

Metallic, Iridescent And Polychromatic Finishes

Along with our much sought-after Hand Burnished finish, we have been working on some new specialised metallic, iridescent and polychromatic finishes that really sparkle and catch the light in a most playful way.

The techniques Trads’ dedicated craftsmen use can beautifully highlight the intricate casting details and patterns of our radiators or can be used to create a focal point in a room/space.

In order to maintain our radiators’ wonderful appearance and effect, we use high-quality lacquers and protectants, ensuring that they continue to look their best year after year.

Our Specialised Artisan Finishes

The Lifetime Guarantee that comes with all of our radiators means that when you choose to buy a radiator from us you will not need to replace it. Therefore, you can confidently invest in something special.

Our range includes six specialised artisan finishes which may just be your (interior design version of) happily ever after! These are:


  • Antiqued French Grey
  • Hand Burnished 
  • Highlight Polish
  • Satin Polish
  • Vintage Copper
  • Hand Burnished + Lacquer


To view all of these simply click here.

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