Discover The Versatility Of Anthracite Designer Radiators

Posted: Friday, December 22, 2023

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Anthracite Designer Radiators are fast becoming one of the most popular interior choices in the UK. Their distinctive dark colour and minimalist vertical lines make them a fitting addition to contemporary and industrial-style settings. Grey has a universal appeal, complementing light, neutral colour schemes, as well as bolder hues. Trads offer a variety of Anthracite models to suit diverse spaces, from hallways to bathrooms. 

Anthracite Designer Radiators

What Is Anthracite? 

Anthracite is the highest rank of coal, containing a high percentage of fixed carbon and a low percentage of volatile matter. When referring to radiators, the name reflects the colour, rather than the material they’re made from. Anthracite radiators are lightweight steel models that have adopted the smoky, dark grey that has become a staple in modern interiors.

Sizes Of Anthracite Designer Radiators 

1800mm x 300mm - A statement piece ideal for framing large windows or walkways. Its slim width allows it to fit neatly into tighter spaces. 

1800mm x 604mm - Maintaining the height but with a bigger width, this model efficiently heats larger rooms or open spaces. Its narrow profile and mounting brackets keep the radiator snug to the wall.  

600mm x 604mm - A distinctive square model that creates a modern feel in smaller spaces. Although compact, the radiator makes a statement in snug corners and bathrooms. 

600mm x 1212mm - Perfectly positioned under bay windows, this popular radiator enhances the visual charm of any room. Well-placed radiators become a focal point, turning a functional appliance into a design feature. 

Further sizes are available. Visit the Trads website to browse the complete collection of Anthracite Designer Radiators. 

Radiator Valves

All of Trads’ Anthracite Designer Radiators are complete with wall mounting brackets, but require a set of radiator valves. These essential accessories are used to adjust how much heat comes out of the radiator. Each radiator contains two valves - one determines how much hot water enters the radiator; the other balances the system by controlling how much heat comes out. 

Manual Radiator Valves

Operated manually, users have direct control over the amount of hot water flowing into the radiator. When the valve is fully open, hot water circulates freely allowing maximum heat output. Closing the valve reduces or stops the flow of water, providing a straightforward way to control the temperature of a room. Manual valves require periodic monitoring and adjustment to maintain a comfortable heating environment. 

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs)

A more automated approach to temperature regulation, thermostatic radiator valves come equipped with a built-in temperature sensor that responds to the warmth of a space. As the room temperature approaches the desired set point, the valve modulates the flow of hot water into the radiator, maintaining a consistent temperature. Automation is not only a convenient option but prevents overheating and unnecessary energy usage. Thermostatic valves are particularly effective at creating heating zones, allowing each room to be set at a different temperature. 

Contact Trads 

To view Trads’ complete range of Anthracite Designer Radiators, visit their website. Book a showroom and factory tour to see models up close or explore traditional Cast Iron Radiator options. Call 01400 263320 or email for general enquiries. 

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