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Posted: Friday, May 26, 2023

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There was a time when towel rails were considered very much a luxury. However, due to modern technology, intelligent design and better materials, they are now much more affordable and present in almost every UK home. Read on to learn more about our fantastic range.

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Why Purchase One Of Our Towel Rails?

The function of a towel rail is both to keep your towels dry and keep your bathroom at a comfortable temperature. Towels need to be kept dry not just because this is much more comfortable for those using them, but also for health reasons. Damp, warm places are the ideal breeding grounds for potentially harmful bacteria. This means that every time a towel is not properly dried and then reused, you are putting yourself at easily avoidable risk!

Maintaining your home at a reasonable temperature is also important for both your comfort and your health. It is advised that, during the day, you keep your home between 19° and 21°, and 18° at night. If your home is too cold, your resistance to respiratory diseases is reduced and you may find existing conditions, like asthma, get worse. Living in temperatures below 13° causes your blood vessels to narrow, which can actually increase your blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular diseases over time. 

Whilst you may not be spending considerable amounts of time in the bathroom, if your towel rails are not heating the space properly, surrounding rooms will be losing temperature too. Furthermore, it is much more difficult for your bathroom to fully dry out if it is cold. All the condensation from baths and showers can result in mould growth, which is not only damaging to your home but the spores are also damaging to your respiratory system.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Towel Rail

If you are replacing an existing towel rail - you may wish to stick to the same measurements and positioning to make the change easier. If you wish to move positions, you will need to repair and finish your walls from where the previous one was situated. 

The position of existing pipework - plumbing your towel rail into the existing pipework will make installation a much more simple task. Plus, this will ensure that you can limit any visible unsightly piping. However, should you wish to move from the current position, our stylish pipe shrouds will keep your bathroom looking beautiful!

Position of doors and furniture - make sure your towel rails are clear of any doors, allowing them to open and close fully. Choose a model that will fit with your current furniture, or plan how you might move things around.

The size of the towel rail - Our collection offers a wide range of different sizes and styles, making it easier for you to choose an option that will fit your home. On the other hand, size will also determine the heat output. You need to ensure that you choose an option which will produce the right amount of BTUs for the space. For your convenience, we have a free BTU calculator on our website. 

Purchase Your Towel Rails Today

Find our full collection of towel rails on our website. If you are renovating your entire bathroom, you may also be interested in our range of beautiful, classic baths

If you need any help with your purchase, please contact us on 01400 263320 or email us at


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