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Choosing Radiators’ Wall Stays

Posted: Friday, January 1, 2016

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brass radiator wall stay for cast iron radiators

In addition to supplying sections that have legs cast with them, we can offer additional ways to support your Trads cast iron radiator/s - using Wall Stays.

These are used as additional means of support, by firmly attaching your radiator to a solid wall.

Wall stays help prevent any accidental damage to your wall, radiators and pipework by simply securing the radiators from movement, being knocked or nudged out of line.

As with our radiators, we have finishes available that mean we can provide the ideal fit for your choice of décor and/or to match the style of your radiator/s. Choose from finishes including steel, chrome or brass.

Need any further advice? Let us know and one of the friendly team will contact you personally!

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