Choosing Radiators’ Wall Stays

Posted: Thursday, January 2, 2020

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brass radiator wall stay for cast iron radiators

What Are Wall Stays?

In addition to supplying sections that have legs cast with them, we can offer an alternative way to support your Trads cast iron radiator/s: wall stays.

These are used as additional means of support, by enabling you to firmly attach your radiator to a solid wall.

Wall stays help prevent any accidental damage to your wall, radiators and pipework by simply protecting the radiators from movement or being knocked/nudged out of line.

Are There Different Types Of Wall Stays? 

When choosing your wall stays you need to decide whether you would like them to be front or rear mounted.

Choosing front mounted wall stays means that they will be visible, whereas rear mounted wall stays are much more discreet and cannot be seen from the front.

You should make this choice based on which style you prefer. We carry a number of decorative front mounted wall stays that can really add a stylish finish to your radiator. Click here to view what we have in stock.

Are Wall Stays Expensive?

In a word, no. Although, as with anything, they do vary in price depending on their size, which material you pick and how decorative you would like them to be. Price ranges from about £7 to £25.

As a general rule, you will need just one wall stay per radiator, however if your radiator is particularly large, with 10 or more sections, you will need a second one.

With a Lifetime Guarantee on our products, you will not have to worry about having to replace them!   The Trads website will automatically advise how many walls stays are required for your radiator  

Are Wall Stays Difficult To Fit? Did you know we can cut this to size?

Another simple answer, no! 

Fitting your wall stays is a simple DIY job. You will only need a drill, a screwdriver and a wall plug, plus the wall stay itself, of course!

What Wall Stays Do Trads Have On Offer?

We have finishes available to provide you with a wall stay that’s the ideal fit for your choice of décor and will match the style of your radiator/s. You can choose from several finishes, including steel, chrome or brass.

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