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Posted: Friday, June 23, 2023

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Trads pride themselves on the manufacture of quality traditional radiators. The designs are based on original models and created using traditional methods with the help of modern technology, ensuring quality and safety.

Trads’ Manufacturing

Trads use Computer Aided Design to create a mould for radiators, which is then cut out using precision machinery. The mould is pressed into a sandbox that is then filled with iron ore. The iron ore is left to cool and solidify, forming radiator sections. Each section is fettled and checked for any marks or imperfections, then rubbed down and prepared to be built, painted and hand-finished.

Individual sections are primed and painted, ensuring durability, and then any specialised finish, such as hand burnishing or highlighting, is completed by hand. Sections are then joined using connectors and high-quality seals.

Next, Trads’ quality traditional radiators are put through a rigorous testing process. A continuous high pressure is applied for a minimum of 24 hours, at a level significantly higher than what can be found in typical domestic properties. This results in an incredibly safe and resilient radiator.

A final round of hand painting and polishing is completed by our master craftsmen and the radiator is complete.

quality traditional radiators

What Radiators Are Available?

Trads offer a vast range of radiators - they have over 50 models, many of which are available in a selection of different heights. Their Cast Iron Radiators can be categorised into three groups: Victorian Radiators, Contemporary Radiators and Decorative Radiators. These models are all available in over 10,000 different colour and finish options.

The Trads website allows customers to design their quality traditional radiators online, selecting the style, finish and size. The size of a radiator should be determined by how many British Thermal Units (BTUs) are required to heat a space. BTUs are a measurement of heat per hour and customers can use Trads’ FREE BTU calculator on their website. Larger spaces will require more BTUs, which can be achieved by adding more sections to a radiator. Trads Cast Iron Radiators are available with between 3 and 30 sections.

Why Choose Trads For Quality Traditional Radiators?

Trads are renowned for the quality of their products as well as the exceptional customer service that they offer, which is evidenced by their numerous five-star reviews. Trads offer FREE UK Mainland kerbside delivery on all orders exceeding £449 inc. VAT (T&Cs apply) and all Cast Iron Radiators come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. This guarantee is a reflection of the exceptional quality of the products produced by Trads.

Purchase Your Quality Traditional Radiators

Customers can design quality traditional radiators on the Trads website, or choose from their ready-made range. Trads also supply a brochure, which is free to download and includes images and extra information about their products. 

Those customers who are unsure of which model(s) to choose may benefit from visiting Trads’ Lincolnshire-based showroom and factory. Here, a number of finished products can be seen and customers can enjoy a FREE factory tour.

Customers who work in trade may be eligible for an exclusive 10% trade discount. The application for this saving can be found on the Trads’ website.

Should radiators be required in a particularly short timeframe, a Fast Track Production Service is also offered. These models will be dispatched in just five working days.

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