The Benefits Of Cast Iron Radiators

Posted: Friday, April 29, 2022

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Reluctant to turn on your heating? 

If the recent rise in energy prices has left you cold, you’re not alone. But luckily, Trads can help. 

By purchasing one of our energy efficient radiators, you’ll be able to stop worrying about how much you’re spending on bills, and start focusing on the more important things in life!

The Benefits Of Cast Iron Radiators 

At Trads, all of our radiators are expertly crafted using only the highest grade of cast iron available. This not only ensures an aesthetically pleasing heating solution, but also provides one that keeps you warm for much longer than radiators made from other materials. 

The reason for this is that although cast iron takes more time to heat up than steel it will also cool down at a much slower rate. Better heat retention makes the installation of cast iron radiators in your home a no-brainer, particularly if you have larger rooms, feel the cold more easily or would rather leave the thermostat untouched. 

What’s more, cast iron’s high carbon content enables heat to spread through our radiators evenly. This heightens conductivity, which will help you save energy with very little effort. 

A Wide Range Of Energy Efficient Radiators 

Whatever your style or budget, we are confident that we can find the perfect solution for your property. Our energy efficient cast iron radiators take pride of place in homes all across the UK, and we want yours to be next. 

Every Trads radiator is designed for use in both modern and period settings, and will fit seamlessly into spaces as diverse as offices, stately homes and industrial-style buildings. There really is no place too big or small for any of our fantastic models

The finishing touches can be applied by adding as many sections as you require to your chosen model and selecting from over 10,000 colour and finish options to match your unique interior design vision. Quality is assured here, with our master craftsmen using the finest paint from the Carron range, Roberson Liquid Metal, Farrow & Ball and The Little Greene Paint Company. 

Purchase Your Bespoke Heating Solution Today 

We are known throughout the world for our dedication to excellence and are delighted that our products are trusted by customers in the UK, the US, Dubai, Australia and all across Europe. 

Add one (or more) of our stylish, energy efficient radiators to your home today by calling us on 01400 263320, emailing or filling out this enquiry form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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