Posted: Thursday, July 14, 2022

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With the recent temperatures, central heating may be the last thing on your mind, however, the summer is actually the perfect time to install new radiators. Your home is already nice and warm, and if you’re doing a full refit you can always have installers complete the work whilst you head off on holiday! (You can find your installers through HETAS, or on our website.*) Keeping your home properly heated is so important, read on to learn some of the reasons why, and why a Trads Cast Iron Radiator is the perfect option.

*All installers have previously fit Trads Cast Iron Radiators and received positive feedback from our clients, however, whilst we endorse these installers, we cannot guarantee their work and accept no liability for jobs that they undertake.

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Why Central Heating Is Vital

Protecting Your Health

Viral Infection - Viruses have been found to spread more easily in cold places as they can survive and multiply more effectively in lower temperatures.

Circulatory Diseases - To keep as warm as possible your blood vessels constrict in the cold. Whilst helpful and harmless short term, if this continues for extended periods of time it can result in the narrowing of blood vessels. Narrow blood vessels can increase blood pressure, thereby putting you at greater risk of heart disease and strokes.

Damp and Mould - Without adequate heating, you may find mould developing in your home. The spores from this can irritate the throat, and long-term exposure may result in serious damage to the respiratory system.

Protecting Your Home And Possessions

Damp and mould not only impact your health, but they also can damage your property and your possessions. When improperly heated you will find increased amounts of condensation, over time this can cause serious harm to your home and belongings.

Why Cast Iron Radiators Are The Ideal Heating Solutions


Our Radiators are made using only the highest grade of Cast Iron available. This means that they retain heat for much longer than their steel counterparts. Therefore, they will continue to heat your home long after your central heating has been switched off.


As well as the calibre of Cast Iron that we use aiding performance, it also means that our products are built to last. You will not have to worry about any radiator problems disrupting your central heating come winter! We are so confident in our products that we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our models.


Finally, radiators are often thought of as a simple necessity, not features in their own right. Here at Trads, we do not believe that this should be the case. Our models are beautifully designed and are available in numerous styles and in over 10,000 different colour and finish options. Choose Trads to make your central heating practical and stylish!

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