Cast Iron Radiators vs. Steel Radiators

Posted: Thursday, October 14, 2021

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When designing or remodelling your home, it is important to select a heating solution that warms your home fully and efficiently whilst also complementing your overall décor.

Cast iron radiators are the ideal solution - aesthetically pleasing, efficient, eco-friendly and easy to install.

Read on to discover how our cast iron radiators are the obvious choice when compared to their standard steel counterparts… 

Timeless Style

It is likely that the first thing you notice about cast iron radiators is how attractive they are. Their classic design adds style to a room, whereas their steel counterparts are a mere necessity that bring nothing to the décor. 

Our choice of over 10,000 colours and finishes allows you to create a heating solution that accompanies your interior design vision perfectly. The elegance of cast iron radiators is particularly ideal for period homes and will lend them a certain historic charm.

Furthermore, due to their efficiency, cast iron radiators take up considerably less wall space than steel models, meaning that they will not overwhelm a room.

When customising your new cast iron radiator, it is not just the colour and finish that you are in control of. We also offer a number of different shapes and sizes to ensure that you can heat your house efficiently.


The first step in designing your cast iron radiator is to work out the necessary British Thermal Unit (BTU). 

BTU is a measurement of heat output per hour. It is vital that this is assessed in order to guarantee that your space will be heated properly. Fortunately, we have designed a free BTU calculator that you can access at any time on our website.

We build to your exact specifications. This gives you more options than you will find with typical steel radiators, which adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. Rather than designing your room around where your radiators are positioned, we create bespoke heating solutions that can be installed in the space that you choose.

Because of the beauty of our models, you will not have to hide an unsightly heating solution behind other furniture. In many homes, steel radiators are positioned behind sofas. This results in less efficient heating as the warm air is less able to circulate.

Here at Trads, we use the highest grade cast iron available. This not only gives you a product that will last a lifetime, it also means much higher heat retention.

Higher heat retention ensures that once your radiators have warmed the space adequately and switched off, they will continue to emit heat for a considerable period of time. By contrast, steel models will provide a quick blast of heat that is rapidly lost.

With your heating system under less strain, you can enjoy a consistent, ambient temperature.

The aforementioned quality of materials used means that you will not have to replace your cast iron radiator for decades. 


The longevity of our cast iron radiators is not only good for your finances, it’s also good for the environment. As mentioned above, their impressive lifespan means fewer raw materials, which is eco-friendly.

The impressive temperature retention also results in you not having to keep your heating system running for as long as you would have to with a steel radiator. Again, this is good for your wallet and good for the environment.


If you are making the switch from steel radiators, you will be pleased to know that the same pipework can still be used. This makes fitting them a breeze, whether you’re doing it yourself or choosing one of our recommended installers

These recommendations come from positive customer reviews. Trads cannot guarantee their work and accept no liability. 

Our custom sizes mean that you can fit your cast iron radiator anywhere. You can view some of our models installed in homes on our website. The images show our extensive range and illustrate how we can design your model for any space. 

Final Thoughts

In summary, opting for cast iron radiators over steel radiators has many benefits. Chiefly, these are:

  • Effortless Style - They are perfectly suited to period homes
  • Lower Costs - A reduced heating bill is guaranteed and there is no need to replace them. In the very unlikely event that something does go wrong, you have a Lifetime Guarantee. 
  • Environmentally Friendly - Less energy will be required and fewer raw materials will be used 

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