Cast Iron Radiators As A Piece Of Décor

Posted: Thursday, September 30, 2021

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Furnishing a home can be an exciting, creative and stressful journey, so finding a colour scheme that you love and furniture to fit each room is no mean feat. Choosing to purchase your radiators from Trads can make this process easier, whilst simultaneously ensuring that you find the perfect piece for you.

Colours And Finishes

Our vast range of colours and finishes gives you the opportunity to find a heating solution that will elevate your interior design vision. With over 10,000 different options to choose from, your new radiators can be made to suit your style exactly.

Amongst our finishes we offer six specialised artisan options:

  • Antiqued French Grey
  • Hand Burnished
  • Highlight Polish
  • Satin Polished
  • Vintage Copper
  • Hand Burnished and Lacquered

These finishes can really make your radiators a statement fitting and attractive pieces in their own right.

Not only are we proud of the wide selection of colours and finishes that we offer, we also have reason to boast about the quality of said options. Farrow & Ball, Little Greene and Roberson Liquid Metal paint is of the highest standard available anywhere. 

Our radiators are built to last a lifetime, and we only use paint that matches our standards. These suppliers are renowned for their vast array of colours, fantastic coverage and staying power.


Many of our satisfied customers send us images of their new radiators, once these have been fitted in their homes. If you would like to source some inspiration from those who have come before you, head over to our Facebook or Instagram pages. 

Alternatively, you can see our products featured in Series, 1 Episode 1 of George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations. Viewing our models in situ can help you to envision how they may look in your home.

Designing a radiator to complement your colour scheme is a beautiful way to finish a room. However, another option is to decide on a theme for your home, and use this to influence your decision making. For example:

  • Silvers and greys for an industrial or rustic feel
  • Whites and creams for Scandinavian or minimalist
  • Blacks or deep greys for modern
  • Golds for French country

Having a running theme throughout your home ensures cohesion between spaces.


When discussing your cast iron radiator as a piece of décor, it would be remiss of us not to mention the transformative effect that our variety of accessories can have on our models. 

Opting for valves and walls stays with contrasting colours and/or styles can really create a different feel. Alternatively, having these accessories blend in with your model can also result in a neat, and often, more classic look.

Finally, pipe shrouds effectively cover any unsightly pipework, leaving your finished products exactly how you envisaged them, and making them a real asset to your home.

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