Cast Iron Radiators: An Eco-Friendly Central Heating Solution

Posted: Friday, June 18, 2021

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Here in the UK, many of us are trying to be more eco-friendly. Using recyclable and environmentally sound products in our day-to-day lives is a great way to minimise our carbon footprints, but what else can we be doing at home, and at work, to further reduce this?

Eco-friendly Central Heating Solutions have surged in popularity in recent years, in both domestic homes and business premises, and as part of such a revamp, cast iron radiators offer an eco-friendly central heating solution.

How Are Cast Iron Radiators Eco-Friendly?

Thanks to their excellent heat conductivity and density, cast iron radiators are extremely energy-efficient and work particularly well with many modern renewable heating systems. They offer unrivalled heat retention and will utilise the natural warmth generated from the ground or air to heat the area well, be that in your home or at your place of work.

Some of the best low-carbon modern heating solutions include Air Source and Ground Source heat pumps, which deliver heat to the system at lower temperatures than gas and oil boilers. The way in which these pumps work is almost the opposite of a refrigerator, in that they take heat from the air and, using a compressor, increase its temperature. This is then transferred to the heating system and released through radiators.

When calculating how much energy you will need to generate to heat your home, and when replacing any radiators, it is important that you use the correct ΔT, or Delta T.

Delta T refers to the difference between the mean water temperature inside the radiators and the ambient or room temperature. For example, a normal boiler might have a flow temperature of 80°C and a return temperature of 60°C, making the mean water temperature 70°C. If the room temperature is 20°C, you would subtract this from the mean water temperature (70°C) to calculate the ΔT (Delta T). In this instance, the Delta T is 50°C, recorded as Delta T50.

The equation to remember is simply ΔT = mean water temperature - room temperature.

Cast iron radiators’ ability to hold and store heat better than numerous other types of radiator is seen by many individuals as their biggest advantage - in addition to their quality, style and lifespan of course.

It isn’t all about the radiator itself, though. Cast iron radiator valves have made unprecedented advances, in terms of saving energy, within the last few decades too.

When it comes to choosing the best eco-friendly cast iron radiators, and valves, for your home or business premises, look no further than the trusted industry experts at Trads.

Trads - The Traditional Radiator Company

Quality, stylish and built to last, all of our products are crafted using the very finest materials and offer a positively eco-friendly central heating solution.

We supply an incredible range of traditional and contemporary cast iron radiators, all of which are available in a jaw-dropping variety of specialised artisan finishes and over 10,000 different colours! What’s more, we’re proud to offer a Lifetime Guarantee with all of our stunning radiators, and FREE UK Mainland Delivery on orders over £449 (exclusions apply).

Here at Trads, we also have a staggering collection of radiator accessories, including cast iron radiator valves, pipe shrouds, wall stays and radiator assembly tools!

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