Are Cast Iron Models Eco-Friendly Radiators?

Posted: Friday, August 18, 2023

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Heating home and work environments is one of the highest contributors to the global carbon footprint. It is estimated that 19% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions come from warming spaces, with more than three-quarters of this attributed to domestic dwellings. Eco-friendly radiators curtail energy wastage and minimise environmental harm. These efforts not only reduce bills for homeowners but contribute to the preservation of natural resources and a healthier planet for future generations. Although traditional in design, Trads’ Cast Iron Radiators are surprisingly energy efficient.  

Eco-Friendly Radiators

Eco-Friendly Radiators 

When picturing the decorative period design of a Victorian Cast Iron Radiator, it is hard to believe it would stand up to modern-day efficiency. However, the unique properties of such a dense metal result in impressive heat distribution and retention. Unlike contemporary steel designs, Cast Iron models remain warm long after the central heating turns off. This means that the heating system is not required to run for long periods of time. These eco-friendly radiators also heat their internal water to a higher temperature so less energy is required to reheat it once it returns to the boiler.   

Effective Conductors 

Cast Iron possesses exceptional thermal conductivity, which results in improved heat transfer into the room. By giving out more heat than steel radiators and continuing to emit residual warmth after being turned off, comfort within living spaces is greatly prolonged. Trads’ Cast Iron Radiators can be designed to have a larger surface area than their modern counterparts, making them an efficient choice for heating large, open spaces. 

Calculating BTU 

British Thermal Units (BTU) are a unit of measurement used to quantify the amount of thermal energy that a radiator can emit or transfer. One BTU represents the amount of energy it takes to heat 1lb of water by 1℉. When selecting radiators for a heating system, it is crucial to consider the BTU requirements for the space you intend to heat. The appropriate rating ensures that the room will reach and maintain the desired temperature efficiently, preventing overuse of energy or insufficient heating. 

Trads’ BTU Calculator facilitates the design of eco-friendly radiators. Each section of a model generates a specific BTU and, by dividing the room’s requirements by the individual section, the appropriate size of radiator for the space can be determined. The total number of sections can be split across numerous radiators if this better suits the room.  

Lifetime Guarantee

Trads’ Cast Iron Radiators are an investment. They are made to such a high standard that their function and durability endure for years to come. In fact, Trads are so confident in their performance that every radiator they make comes with a lifetime warranty. Cast Iron Radiators are so suited to their environment that a model purchased today could stay a part of the building for hundreds of years, optimising energy consumption and avoiding landfill. 

Get In Touch

Trads’ diverse range of eco-friendly radiators blend traditional design with modern innovation. Whether choosing to design a bespoke model or selecting a ready-made radiator, homeowners are opting for a cost-effective heating system that keeps interiors cosy whilst contributing to a greener environment. 

Download a brochure, view the online gallery or book a FREE factory tour to see the complete range. Connect with Trads on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or Pinterest to learn more about their products and how they are made. 

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